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· Se réapproprier notre planète - Conscience Multidimensionnelle et Éveil Cosmique ·

 · 2016 - 2019 · Créé par Melissa 🐋

This section of Sovereign · Planet is dedicated to the work of others I have found relevant to the topics I discuss and study - both on here and in my personal spiritual journey - that was originally written in another language and have translated onto English. If I have chosen to translate the following work it is likely because it provided me with great support on my personal spiritual journey and work, and I believe it may help others too. 

A link to the original work - in its original laguage, and/or the language in which I came across it - will always be provided when available. I share these with deep respect and reverence for the work they required, and in the hopes of spreading similar messages, information and tools regarding the planetary Ascension.

As with all my work throughout this website, these translations (but not necessarily the original piece) are free to share according to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike guidelines (CC BY-SA 4.0), which you may read more about in the Privacy section of this website.

Harmonic Universe Academy (www.harmonicuniverse.academy) is the body of work of French author and spiritual guide Laura Marie, it comprises articles, podcasts as well as an online academy for the Ascension. In her articles, she covers important topics of the Ascension and Cosmic Disclosure.


Below you will find links to some of the 30 articles she selected for translation, covering crucial topics both for the emancipation of Humanity as a whole, but also for the individual journey of Self Sovereignty. Her work ranges from contemporary societal topics such as Transhumanism and Cosmic Disclosure, to empowering individual self work such as Spiritual Maturity, Exiting the Matrix and Soul Integration, as well recovering our collective History and memory such as in History Repeats Itself, Planetary AscensionChrist Consciousness and the Universal Laws.

Please note that the website HarmonicUniverse.Academy has been hacked and that all original articles can not been linked at the moment, you can however access most of them in their audio form - links provided when available. Links to original written content will be added as soon as the website is back up and running.

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