Truth is Liberating.

Mis à jour : 18 janv. 2019

This, unfortunately, is only the tip of one of the icebergs in the mass horror taking place undercover across the world.

Individuals under the commands of the military industrial complexes and others atop of the pyramid (the system), driven to madness through severe brainwashing, mind control techniques and oftentimes drugging.

The goal? Breaking any humanity left at any cost, creating docile, fragmented puppets of service to their interests. An army of broken, psychopathic individuals carrying out the worst agendas for an elite harvesting more money and goods always, but above all more power and more energy, spreading vibrations of terror and despair, all the while remaining in the safety of their home, and avoiding direct karmic consequences.

It is very important to start researching these topics "off track" and connecting the dots between all these seemingly separate entities and/or corporations of control, oppression and manipulation. These realities are difficult to face and realise, and it does not matter whether we believe in them or not, they are still taking place.

"The beauty of Truth: whether good or bad, it is liberating" - Paulo Coelho.

Educate yourself, emancipate yourself.

#nwo #warandterroragendas #divideandconquer #connectingthedots

Source: The AntiMedia - full article here / The Mind Unleashed - on facebook here.

#nwo #warandterroragenda #divideandconquer #connectingthedots #truth #liberation

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