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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - October 2014

"Spirituality: the Life of the Spirit; the quality, state, manner or fact of being attached to the matters of the spirit, or that which is not from material origins, of the soul, of moral values."

As I mentioned before in my article "21 symptoms of spiritual awakening", humanity is currently experiencing a time of spiritual awakening on a global scale.

If you can relate to the symptoms described (and no need to ft them all to confirm that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening), then you know you are going through a consciousness awakening. We all have different consciousness field, according to our culture, our genetic / DNA, our education, and most of all, according to our desire or not to open our mind and get of the beaten tracks, seeking our own truth, so as to finally move away from consciousness (and subconscious) programming, perpetrated from our birth by external influences (television, movies, parent's education, school's education, culture, traditions, religions...).

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion, even though it is often wrongly associated with it. Spirituality is the reconnection with the soul. Spirituality is the awareness that our physical body is just a vehicle allowing us to live in this physical dimension (which we call the 3rd dimension, and ties to the Physical, the Mind and the Emotional). But beyond this 3rd dimension, there are several other dimensions. To awaken to spirituality, is to slowly open to these other dimensions in which we also reside. The higher our vibrational rate (the energetic frequency at which we vibrate), the more are we able to reach these other dimensions that make up our being, but also our planet, other planets, and thus the entire universe as well.

The existence of dimensions has been proven by science and quantum physics a long time ago, but do not expect to see such information on the news. He who puts his "field of consciousness" and his spirit at the hands of television and mainstream medias is going to have a hard time understanding the realities of this world and of himself even as a human being. This is why humanity is in such trouble, and has been so for this long, because the true identity of human beings was always willingly hidden from them. We must understand that the government / royalty has no interest in its "disciples" (which is kind of what we are in their opinion) awakening to their true power. An individual whose awareness of himself and of the World is awoke, is no longer a malleable individual whom we can coerce into doing the most insane things, all of which in their own free will [Such as: Having them work all of their life a job they often despise, where they will feel like they are only truly living in the 3 weeks of summer of agreed upon holidays, in the hopes of getting a small retirement when they will be too old, too tired and disillusioned to even want to do anything else and finally take care of themselves; Injecting their bodies with dozens of chemicals and viruses (vaccines) from birth; Having them consume throughout their entire life, chemical products (with pleasure, thanks to all the wonderful mouth-watering commercials at play) such as aspartame, monosodium glutamate, and all the E450, etc., as well as tortured animals who are overfed with hormones, GMOs and other chemical substances them too; Making them entirely desensitised when watching horror movies, video games and violent movies, even finding it "cool" or normal; Making it "normal" for them to give their own children away to "school" 5 times a week despite all the traumas the child will often suffer during their 15-20 years of schooling, educated by teachers who often also repeat erroneous information on our History, Science, Health and many other fields, and whom of course, never educate children on the true nature of their being, not knowing it themselves! The list of all the things that the current human beings accept despite the fact that it is entirely destroying them or completely against their true nature, is very long.

Thankfully, in front of millions of consciousnesses yet asleep, more and more consciousnesses ready to exit the matrix are emerging, looking within themselves for their true nature, their true needs and the real reason for their presence upon the Earth (which is of course far from being so they could "go to work", "get married" or "have children", even though these things can also be parts of our lives of course).

Those consciousnesses, willing to find their true nature, to awaken others and help them have always been seen as threats. Throughout history, there always was a hunt against spirituality and those escaping the "mould". In the past, people with extra-sensorial "powers" were hunted, locked down, burnt or executed (infamous "witch" hunts). Even those who dared saying the Earth was round, or to bring new leaps forwards in science and knowledge of all time periods of the history of humanity (including nowadays still) have been persecuted.

This is where the irony of the manipulation of humanity stands: human beings by nature are powerful, extra-sensory (which is to say their abilities and perceptions do not stop at the 5 physical senses: taste, smell, touch, vision and hearing), and multidimensional (they are able to consciously exist across several dimensions, not just the physical dimension), but throughout history they were made to believe a materialistic illusion that maintained them in a state of unconsciousness which, thousands of years later, remains; although thankfully, we have evolved in many fields (but are still completely behind in many others). Like so, in all times, there was a strong will, consciously orchestrated, to ridicule and marginalise (and often to persecute and in some instances even kill) anybody who would mention anything in regards to spirituality, disclosure of other extra-terrestrial civilisations, well kept secrets of the governments, and "conspiracies".

How can we make sure a society never awakens to its true nature? (As this would mean the end of domination for those who set this system up and know very well human being's actual potential). Once again, by inverting all of their values. Using medias, science and education to spread the desired messages and most of all to once again willingly and publicly ridicule everything that is of the beaten tracks and linked to spirituality. Like so, since human beings are very concerned with what other people think of them, as well as having this cellular memory of ancient persecution of the witches, healers and all those who dared telling the truth, they will rarely ever dare to say what they truly wish to.

Why accepting and embracing our spirituality?

Now what about people like you and I who are aware of the manipulations against humanity and our true potential and true nature? The reactions of our relatives who oftentimes do not evolve at the same pace as we do, or not in the same direction, can at times be hard to accept. Our friends start finding us "strange" with our Facebook statuses talking about peace and love or condemning society's lies and dysfunctions (for them, this is all "normal, it has always this way"). Our healthy food habits disturb them, we are no longer interested in the same activities and they think "we have changed". They start by telling us they are worried about us and they hope we have not been indoctrinated into a cult once again (we all get this one, and if you get to teach, it is even worse: you are the "guru"). There, you are at a turning point where unfortunately, you must make a difficult choice. As I mention in my article, we are often left alone with our intuition, and maybe the teachers or writers we enjoy listening to and reading, but all of our "old life" is holding us back, judging us, "worrying about us", when in fact, we are getting happier and happier, and just more and more ourselves! For us, our life is even just beginning now! We no longer want to live lying to ourselves, sacrificing who we truly are, nor a meaningless life, devoid of true values.

This is the reason why, it is, first and foremost, crucial to accept and embrace our spirituality. Accepting our spirituality means accepting and affirming who we truly are, and to no longer hide nor be ashamed. Ashamed of what? Of being ahead? As we must acknowledge this is what it is truly about. Everything society is trying to ridicule today, will make up the reality of tomorrow, as it already is amongst other civilisations, far more spiritually advanced than ours.

If we want to build this new spiritual World of tomorrow, it is up to each one of us who were sent to the Earth to understand this reality and pass it on to others. So long as we keep paying attention to those who "do not understand", we will not be able to move forward!

Awoken consciousnesses are often in families still asleep, or in places still dark. This is not a coincidence. It is part of the greater plan. So do not despair if you feel alone, understand that this was the case for most of us (Indigo children / Starseeds and other awoken souls). It is by accepting and embracing who you are that you will enable those like to recognise you.

How to accept and embrace our spirituality?

1/ The first thing to do is to dare making the necessary choices regarding the things that still prevent us from being who we are. Is it an oppressing job? A relationship with someone holding us back into a previous energy that is no longer ours and prevents us from evolving? A city which no longer is where we would love to live? Friends who "take" all of our energy? It is time to do some deep cleaning. This is not about blaming others, but rather really thinking about what is holding us back in our overall well-being and alignment with ourselves.

2/ Accepting and embracing our spirituality is daring to find a new job in tune with our current values, our current awareness, and if it does not exist, to create it. The new World we came here to build needs our new ideas, this is why you were sent here! To set up this new awareness and this new World. Do you feel outraged that this or that does not exist in this world? Well, this might be because it is up to you to create it. We now must stop to endure the past and start truly building this new world in which we wish to live!

3/ Accepting our spirituality and who we are is creating a new circle of friends / relationships more in tune with our new vibration. If you are ascending vibrationally, you will simply no longer be able to hang around the same places and people as you did before. Your frequency will be too different and it will become painful. Use social medias and internet to connect with groups sharing the same ideas / interests as you. Internet is full of thousands of pages / blogs / profiles of people who are spiritual just like you! And we are constantly growing in numbers! Make the most of this extraordinary time period of revolution of consciousness, enhanced by the internet, and meet people you would have not been able to meet otherwise. Acknowledge how truly wonderful it is.

4/ Accept and embrace your spirituality in everything you do. Now, try to become the physical representation of your higher consciousness. Try to do your best so that all of your values are reflected in everything you are and do: your work, the way you dress, your physical appearance, the way you speak, the way you write, the places and people you hang around with...

Remember: all the barriers we encounter are always just mental barriers. Nobody is preventing us from being who we want to be, but ourselves. In this phase of consciousness awakening and transmutation of DNA on a global scale, that is unique in the history of humanity, it is more than crucial that each one of us takes up their position and accepts and embraces who they are. By doing so, they will inspire others to do so, and the impact of each consciousness matters. And aside from the happiness of having positively impacted someone else's consciousness, there is no greater joy possible on Earth than that of being fully aligned to ourselves, in all areas of our lives.

To conclude, know that new waves of children with higher consciousness are being born everyday. They are beyond other's opinions and fully accept and embrace their awoken consciousnesses and their advance on the current World, to bring their new ideas and awareness. Everywhere in the world, new communities based on free energy are arising, such as the "New Earth Project". Communities with houses built on the base of sacred geometry, with organic cultivations, service exchanges systems between the inhabitants... Do not take your family's, friends', nor even your country's levels of consciousness as a reference point for the collective spiritual advancement of human consciousness. Things are definitely moving. It is up to us to step into our mission and to now focus on this new World we are building, and let us leave behind the old thinking patterns (judgement, other's opinion, fears) so that we can reach this new awareness, aligned to this future World we came here to build.

We have all the keys to build this new World of tomorrow, where technology will be combined with spirituality. Where the Earth will be preserved, as well as its live beings (humans and animals). If each individual with an awoken consciousness uses their energy to build the new, then this new World could emerge very rapidly. It is crucial to denounce what is going wrong so as to open the consciousness of those who need it, but then we must invest our energy in the building of our own new life, more aligned with who we are and our true values, and therefore in service to this new world arising that we will create with our new energy. So long as we wait for those who do not understand and do not know before acting, then nothing good will ever happen! We all create our reality from our inner reality. If "the others" do not understand your reality, do not remain stuck in their minds. Unfold your wings and fly away towards the life and the World you wish to see! Be the pioneers! Be the World of tomorrow!

Laura Marie - October 2014 Newsletter - Why and How to Own your Spirituality? - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.

Original article in French by Laura Marie from the Harmonic Universe Academy:

- Pourquoi et Comment Assumer sa Spiritualité?:

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