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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - November2016

Humanity, in its collective consciousness, has been disconnected from its true cosmic nature, since its beginning. Even though some enlightened and members of secret societies know of this reality and hold this Universal Knowledge, the majority of humans were, and for the most part still are, ignorant of their multidimensional nature, thinking they only exist in the physical dimension (3D), and are not aware of the reincarnation cycles, the true history of Humanity nor that of the Earth, as well as of the different cosmic wars that have taken place for thousands of years, millions even, in the Cosmos, that are still happening.

The main war operating upon Earth today is not a physical war, it is a war against consciousness. Everything is being done so that humans do not access this information, which could set them free from their enslavement, caused by the ignorance of what they accept being done to them. The Universal Laws state that every being has a right to the Freedom of living, and these rights are yet far from being respected anywhere on the planet and for all living beings, humans or animals. If a Man kills another Man, he will then be imprisoned. However, if a head of state or an army kills thousands of Men, nobody will ever go to prison, not those who ordered these murders, nor the soldiers who committed them. It is legal to make war (= to kill thousands / millions of live beings thus stopping their incarnation and enforcing terrible damages upon their consciousness in terms of the traumas endured), as long as it is approved by a government / military industrial complex. As is perfectly legal to slaughter 60 billions of terrestrial animals and 100 billions of marine animals each year. Yet, most humans accept the reality of War (especially if it happens far from their homes), and keep on voting for the same people committing those crimes against Humanity, and we could even say, against the entire Cosmos, violating the Universal Laws.

It is only when humanity will collectively cease to give its power to its perpetrators, that it will be able to free itself from what it was a victim of : enslavement through ignorance, lie, manipulation and deception. Humanity is governed by a handful of individuals working with certain Extra-terrestrial factions constantly fighting for the control of the Earth and its resources. The physical wars humans watch on their television or experience in real life, are but playgrounds of these factions, so as to acquire certain geographical locations that hold interdimensional portals (such as Iraq for instance), and to bring about even more traumas into the human collective consciousness thus fragmented and deeply abused, as well as to carry on maintaining this climate of fear, of destruction and of disharmony that it is important for them to sustain on Earth, so as to maintain humans into low vibrations of terror, and thus docile. Besides, it is easier to come as a Saviour amongst a traumatised civilisation than amongst sovereign beings.

What humans must understand, is that this is not about a single extra-terrestrial faction wanting to take over the control of the Earth, but several, and that these factions do not even agree with each other. Behind every president / chancellor / king / queen, a different faction is thus hidden, who then uses the Earth and its living beings as score-settling ground, and for taking power, having no respect for Life, and feeding off of the vibrations of fear and terror. Humans, for the most part still unaware or in denial of the existence of multiple other civilisations in their Universe as well as in the neighbouring Universes, are constantly "victims" of all of kinds of traumas, accumulating them from a life to another, without understanding their source. To withstand these traumas, they compensate with destructive patterns or destructive substances that have been skilfully ingrained, in full knowledge of the compensating mechanisms (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, malnutrition, addiction to sex, pornography, violence, apathy, etc.). Most humans, disconnected from their spiritual dimension, and having accumulated traumas upon traumas (including those they collect from their genetic ancestry at every incarnation), are thus maintained in a climate of powerlessness, ignorance, deception, and disillusion, not consciously understanding the reasons for it, and above all, not knowing they can change their reality, through a work of spiritual reconnection, of personal development and of changing their vibration, via Consciousness and shedding a light on what is happening within them, upon the Earth and in the Cosmos.

The Ascension phase humanity has the opportunity to experience today, is a phase where humans will precisely be able to free themselves, through the Awareness of all these past traumas. Since what is happening today within this human civilisation in terms of destruction and enslavement, is not happening for the first time. Not only have humans accumulated traumas of all their preceding incarnations within this civilisation (humanity as we know it, with its falsified History and largely based upon religions), but on top of that many also have the traumas experienced during previous incarnations in Atlantis or Lemuria, both civilisation having existed BEFORE the one currently existing, and of which some remains have already been found. But we will have to wait another few years before the official announcement of the existence of these continents and civilisations is disclosed. All our History books will then need to be rewritten, and it is obvious that everything is being done to delay this moment as far as possible, because Consciousness is the worst threat for the powers in place (whom are now being gradually removed).

Ascension is not an esoteric or bizarre concept that could not be proven scientifically. The precession of the equinoxes is the slow change of orientation of the Earth's rotational axis. At the end of each cycle of precession of the equinoxes (approx. 26 000 years), we become aligned to the centre of the galaxy (galactic alignment). As a consequence, this opens the Stargates (dimensional portals, allowing access to other dimensions) and makes us eligible for a phase of Ascension. The last time this happened was then about 26 000 years ago, at the Lemurian / Atlantean times, and because of the massive genocide instigated by the negative ET factions (the very same ones that are after humanity today and since its beginnings) killing hundreds of thousands of individuals generating gigantic cataclysms (engulfing the 2 Lemurian and Atlantean continents), many are those who were not able to leave this matrix and who remained stranded for another 26 000 years long cycle on Earth, forced to reincarnate down here. Many of us who have gathered around this information and resonate with this frequency were already incarnated in Atlantis / Lemuria - and were either stranded in this time matrix (and part of my mission is to resonate this frequency and this information publicly and massively so those beings remember so they can "return home"), or have come again, as is my case and as is the case of some other Starseeds, to assist in this Ascension phase solely for this incarnation, so as to, this time, give as many humans as possible a chance to free themselves and Ascend into superior dimensions. Last time we failed, but this time, we will succeed.

Ascension, as described in the article "Planetary Ascension", is this process of spiritual awakening and of expansion of our consciousness, where our energetic and spiritual bodies connect themselves to our physical body (read also on the topic: Soul Integration). Most humans live based on their physical and mental bodies solely (inferior chakras), but are not connected yet to their spiritual bodies (superior chakras). This Ascension process pushes us towards a total change of perception of reality, towards a dismantling of the ego and of the false, made up personalities, towards a reconnection to our life mission via a reconnection to our soul. This Ascension process also requires us to develop our spiritual maturity by understanding our energetic responsibility of every instant, the Universal Laws of cause and effect, our connection with other live beings, humans, animals, plants and minerals, as well as developing our vibrational discernment in order to be able to identify the various energies and forces inhabiting our Universe, so as to leave behind energy consuming patterns (energetic vampirism, parasites, victim / victimiser programs) and to learn to produce our own energy by reconnecting to our divine nature and true cosmic nature.

Spiritual Healing.

Each one of us therefore carries the weight of all their incarnations and many traumas, in their DNA. This much awaited phase, announced by numerous prophecies, is precisely the time we will be able to truly heal ourselves, by bringing to our Awareness, everything that was so far, unconscious. By bringing what was previously in the shadow, to the light of our understanding and knowledge. This process will happen individually, but also collectively: humanity must collectively heal from its traumas as a civilisation thrown into the dark age of unconsciousness and ignorance of its true history and nature, and manipulated by false gods and religions. Like a native and primitive people that will awaken to the vastness of the inhabited Universe and Multiverses in which it was living since its beginnings though too blinded by survival concerns. Most humans indeed, still to this day, are stuck in a "survival" consciousness (being able to eat and drink) and therefore can not turn to "spirituality". This is how the elites have deprived of or slowed down humans in their natural evolution, by having them focus on survival and basic needs, so as to prevent them from accessing the soul's needs.

Many of us are currently experiencing their spiritual awakening, their dark night of the soul, their phase of matrix deprogramming (dismantling of false personalities, of the ego and disconnection from the collective egregore), of spiritual liberation and of development of their spiritual maturity. These processes do not come through overnight and it is crucial that we learn to cultivate benevolence towards ourselves and towards others, in this important, intense and often painful phase, where all our previous bearings collapse. We must learn again to lead a life based upon authenticity, the heart and the highest divine values, upon respect for ourselves and for others, and this process requires time and discipline. Once again, spiritual maturity is not acquired by being "Conscious" only a few hours a day or a week. From the moment we wish to start on our reactivation and Ascension process, we must decide to dedicate ourselves to it fully, especially for those who are currently on a mission on Earth to assist in this crucial phase of liberation. The Indigos / Starseeds can not afford to consider spirituality an "option", as they could face being stranded here - the Indigos / Starseeds home is not the Earth - and some even come from different Universes.

Many techniques will present themselves to us once we have decided to take on this work of dismantling our negative ego and the different layers of personalities we have built so as to hide our true essence and identity, as well as to begin the healing of our respective wounds. The main wounds commonly identified within humans are: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice. However these wounds do not always come from our childhood unlike is often stipulated within spiritual communities.

They often come from our multiple "previous" incarnations and in particular within the "lightworkers" having already strived towards the advent of Consciousness previously or on other spheres, or fought the forces opposing this light work, these wounds are then even deeper. Indeed, many of us having those missions today, were persecuted for many incarnations. We have known very cruel torture and death sentences, and these memories are embedded within our cells, reason why instinctively, we can show some resistance to expressing our true essence and to saying what we know today, as well as taking up our position. This unconscious projection mechanism we have developed since we were young, might have allowed us to shelter from certain attacks and certain dangers, but today we are asked to shed the light of our awareness on these mechanisms and to see in what areas and when could we progressively become more and more our true frequency.

We could for instance start with doing so with people we trust. With people who have already proven their ability to love us as we are, unconditionally. We could then experience what it is like to express our internal truth, to be authentic, and be loved regardless. We could also begin to do so even with people who do not love us unconditionally, so as to open our eyes upon the reality of our "circle", and to see those who love us for what we truly are, or for what image of us they have projected. We can also write what is within us in a journal, then share it on a blog or a forum. Maybe at first under a nickname if we do not have the courage yet to express our true identity. Then, gradually, muster the courage to do so as our-Self, and to no longer have a division between our internal self and the one we project externally. This "exercise" is difficult, and it is only when we will internally and publicly be the same, that we will reach the "alignment" with our soul. Being constantly aligned is difficult, but the most important is to be so as much as possible, in the majority of the time. Which most humans have yet to attain.

Self Love.

Our spiritual healing will have to begin with learning Self Love (Love of the Self). After all these years (and incarnations) of rejection, of having felt all that we felt, being ridiculed, defiled, mocked, betrayed; we might have developed a serious lack of self esteem. This lack of self esteem today makes us a vulnerable child who on top of that, carries on his shoulders the weight of a mission for the World. How could we help the World if we have not developed the main foundation, essential to the development of healthy sturdiness of our being? For a long time Self Love was mistaken for "egoism". But Self Love is precisely to love ourselves enough so that we do not sacrifice and let others go beyond our boundaries, which would energetically drain us or would impact us negatively in our mission for the World. There is no harm in preserving ourselves so as to be able to give as much as possible to others. Healthy Self Love is a divine value and it is crucial that we learn to develop this divine value so as to show humanity again how to love itself, so that it can then be able to love others.

Letting go.

Letting go is the opposite of inaction, which it is often connected to. Letting go is not about laying down on the sofa and waiting for things to happen. Letting go is about releasing resistance and mental projections we have regarding an event or situation, so as to be able to be able to act in the most efficient way possible, with clarity. We must become our "best friend" and ally with our soul so that our physical vehicle goes in the same direction as the soul wishes to. We must no longer let our mind / ego and our wounds control our lives and so our destiny and subsequently, Humanity's destiny. We build our future in every instant and every present moment that is used Mindfully.

The present moment.

The understanding of the necessity of learning how to live in the present moment (we used to do it when we were children), is more than crucial in this phase where future probabilities are ever changing, and where external instability is triggered so that we completely loose our inner stability. All those who will attempt to plan anything in the future, to control the results of their life events, to operate from their mind and their fears, will experience crises and periods of intense suffering where they will have to understand that today it is no longer possible (illness, loss of a job or a partner, etc.). He who waits today for security, reassurance and quietness, and who seeks to control everything - will be in constant resistance and stress as this final battle phase of the different agendas played upon the Earth, will be of the utmost intensity and importance, and the disturbances of this battle will be felt both individually and collectively.

Spiritual maturity.

We will slowly need to learn to let go of our "naivety", so as to give way to spiritual maturity which implies the awareness of what is really going on upon the Earth and in the Cosmos, free of any form of denial. What we must understand, is that everything we refuse to see today, will be shown to us tomorrow with an even greater shock. Also, all the work that is not done today, will have to be done tomorrow, oftentimes increasingly. No one will be able to escape the energetic responsibility of the consequences of all their thoughts and actions, absolutely no one. It is therefore best to start now.

Use of techniques of shedding a light on and healing our emotional traumas.

Several tools are now available to enable us to bring back to the surface of our consciousness buried traumas as well as everything they lead to, in terms of dysfunction, in our lives. See here some examples:

• Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

• Neuro-training

• EFT (Emotional Freedom Training)

• Regressive hypnosis

• Kinesiology

...and many more.

It is important in our choice of therapist, to use our vibrational discernment (the resonance we get with another being, energetically) and to only work with those whom we feel a deep resonance of the heart with.

Split of humanity.

Just like at the times of the Atlantis and Lemuria, the human civilisation is being split into two (Read also "History repeats itself"). On one side, are all those who will embark on the path of Ascension and of spiritual reconnection, and on the other, those who will take the descending slope of an even more intense disconnection from their true cosmic nature, towards devolution and gradual destruction. We can see how swiftly debauchery, hyper sexualisation, pornography (today spread all the way to children with the release of the movie "Sausage Party", and this is only a beginning), paedophilia, satanism in the music industry and in Hollywood (recommended website on the topic: Vigilant Citizen), and the agendas of destruction of youth, innocence and purity are unfolding rapidly. The agenda of transhumanism will be approached on its own in future articles, seeing how serious it is and threatens not only the future the human civilisation, but also that of neighbouring ET civilisations. Many neighbouring civilisations have been entirely decimated in the future because of the intrusion of artificial intelligence, and many starseeds have incarnated in this time period so as to attempt on modifying this disastrous future. Today, each day, artificial intelligence interferes a little more with our lives, though chemtrails, nanotechnology in food, but also openly with the glamorisation of robots, gradually instilled through Disney and Hollywood programming, all of which are techniques used for every negative agenda perpetrated upon Earth.

Our duty, for those currently striving to help humanity evolve and leave this dark age, is to stay focused and not be discouraged when we will witness these various agendas being played out before our eyes. This split will be more and more pronounced and "blatant", as never before in the History of humanity. Reason why, we must keep on working on our spiritual maturity, our cleansing, our dismantling of the negative ego, and of energetic responsibility so as to no longer be a vehicle for these dark agendas (by accepting to belong to various egregores, by lying, manipulating, by perpetuating the victim / victimiser program, by feeding addictions, etc.), and on the contrary to become incarnations of the highest divine values, to show example around us and to inspire new models for current and future generations - which is the mission of the Indigos, Starseeds and humans of the Earth sufficiently evolved spiritually to have missions of lightworkers.

Since the end of 2012, the positive ET races have taken over the "stewardship" of the Earth. Many positive ET races have incarnated upon Earth to assist in this process (Starseeds). There are ground crews, and all those working from other planes. We will witness a gradual dismantling of the old paradigm, the dark behaviours of the elites and occult societies installed everywhere in our societies being brought to light, and the creation of the new paradigm based upon Consciousness and spiritual connection.

When the Divine Plan rings the end of a cycle, the entire Universe responds to it, and even neighbouring Universes, when it is not sufficient. If some of us have come from this far, to accomplish it, it is because this time is of the utmost importance.

Let us express now the intention of remembering.

Let us express the intention of incarnating our full potential, here and now.

Let us express the intention of making our spiritual work a priority, rather than focusing on what feeds our temporal terrestrial identity and therefore our ego and this illusion based matrix.

Let us express the intention of being vehicles for Harmony and Beauty, purity and wisdom.

Let us express the intention of utilising our life for something greater than us.

Let us express the intention every day, of improving the life of someone or of an animal.

Let us express the intention of, each day, going to bed having learnt something new, and having become an even better person.

Let us express the intention of becoming a being filled with love and compassion.

Yes, this will not be achieved overnight. But the most important is to express the intention. For every achievement has always sprung from an intention, and the Universe does not answer to results, it answers to intentions.

What would the world be like, with thousands of humans holding this very intention?

Laura Marie - November 2016 Newsletter - Spiritual Healing - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie from the Harmonic Universe Academy:

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