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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - July 2016

At a time when many think the worst insanities have been perpetrated in the past, during the Middle Ages or other time periods considered "primitive", a great majority of humans are not aware that the insanity humanity is experiencing nowadays is just as worrying.

Many ancient prophecies have announced this phase Humanity is about to go through where darkness will reach its height. But darkness can be, and often is today, odourless, invisible and colourless (wave and frequency wars, entities inhabiting the inter-dimensions). Which makes it even harder to identify. Everyday, the Human civilisation is a victim of crimes against Humanity, killed or weakened a little more each day by means of its educational, media, pharmaceutical, agri-food, and military systems. The agendas of attacks are hastened in order to provoke global conflicts. Humans are progressively disconnecting themselves from their higher self, that is to say : from their soul, as well as from the soul and consciousness of everything that surrounds them : Animal Kingdom, Vegetal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom... in other words, the Earth... The very planet on which they incarnated, so as to be able to manifest their higher Consciousness in a physical form for an instant, borrowing a temporal terrestrial physical identity.

But many physical vehicles have forgotten they were not this vehicle only, they forgot the incarnation was above all a spiritual experience, and have been trapped into the illusions of the physical and material world. Many humans assume that the human civilisation is evolving, considering the mortality rate and technological advancement. But these are not the criteria on which we evaluate the level of evolution of a civilisation. The definition of an advanced civilisation is not that of a civilisation able to drop bombs on its own nations without empathy. An advanced civilisation is not one which poisons its citizens every mouthful, and tries to mask symptoms of illness rather than understanding and healing them by going back to their source, all the while labelling as sectarian all those who will try to truly heal while respecting the human body and soul of the individual. Yet, this is precisely what the beings inhabiting our planet knew to do in those times we now think of as "outdated" or "backwards". The people of the Earth were much more connected to their bodies, to others, to the planet and even to the "Skies". Their knowledge was passed on from generation to generation, the elders teaching the youngest, they knew how to feed with the fruits of the Earth and how to heal with natural medicine, that which the Earth provided for us.

Today we run in the streets to catch virtual monsters (Pokemon being short for Pocket Monster) through our mobile phones (pretexting an "augmented reality"), while others die under our bombs at the other far end of the World. We think we are "connected" while never in their History have humans been so disconnected from their soul. And when it is no longer our soul driving our physical vehicle, others take charge of its commands. We live a time of universal possession. In the Middle ages, rare were those who were possessed. Today, rare are the non-possessed.

Unfortunately, to this day most humans, yet unaware of the existence of other dimensions and of all the civilisations and entities inhabiting them, are transformed into "zombie-like" states, focused solely on a tiny fraction of reality which they can perceive through the spectrum of their 5 physical senses. The disconnection from their soul prevents them indeed from perceiving beyond those 5 senses and the limits of their mind / ego do not allow them to go further into their understanding of their true cosmic and multidimensional nature.

"Help yourself and Heaven shall help you". Everyone must take the first step towards their desire to evolve, for no one will be able to do it for us. Many of us who know the reality of the Humanity's conditions, the Earth and what happens in the Cosmos at a galactic level, have experienced the desire to awaken consciousnesses around us, once our own reawakening had happened, and have all experienced the indifference or rejection endured when we try to help an individual evolve who does not desire so himself. "What we won't learn through wisdom, we will learn through suffering"; and today, because it was not able to learn through wisdom, the entire Humanity will have to go through a Great time of collective Suffering, so as to be able be born again. The mind and ego prevent us from being able to welcome our Divinity, our immutable Essence, and when the various prophecies announced the "return of the Christ" or of the "Kingdom of God", it was truly about the coming down of our Eternal Essences into our physical bodies. It is about this future humanity, that will live in full Awareness of its true cosmic Nature and exist simultaneously in several dimensions. But also co-existing with various other civilisations, intra-terrestrial, interdimensional, extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional. As it always was, since its beginnings....

The heaviness of the terrestrial vibration no longer allows for the Earth to "breathe" properly. The Earth is suffocating. And if humans could see the astral with their own eye, the layer around the Earth would be such they would no longer be able to even see the sunlight. To consider the state of a planet, we must not solely evaluate the state of its cities, its nations, or its technological advancement - But the state of all its dimensions. And the current infection on Earth is so widespread it touches all dimensions, up to the 12th. And no human incarnated on Earth is spared from the negative impact of the 3D (the physical dimension visible to the naked eye) but also of the other dimensions, on them, their physical body, as well as all their other bodies.

Humans are more concerned with looking for virtual monsters in the streets and parks, than getting information about what is really happening on their planet, at a terrestrial and a cosmic level. They were already no longer raising their eyes to Skies, and now their eyes are even more riveted on their "smart" phones. Many might think this plague only concerns "youngsters". First of all, we can see on the picture that not all are teenagers. The damages of this madness are significant and these young people will make up, in a few years only, the adults of tomorrow. These adults who will hold many positions within society. If their mind is programmed at such an early age, what about their future Consciousness. Lets not forget that when one has an agenda of global disconnection of a civilisation from its cosmic consciousness, it is best to start as early as possible. Children have long been the first targets to be aimed at, through cartoons, series, movies and video games. They are programmed with the educational and televisual systems and later carry on their programming into their work Life where they are meant to become docile servants, never asking nor even wondering about any question and never questioning the system (Read here the May 2016 Newsletter : Matrix Deprogramming). To be born, work, get married, have a child/children, get old, die. What a sad summary of the meaning of Life.

The battle that is currently happening on Earth is the same as the one which happened in Lemuria, in Atlantis, in Egypt, and many other preceding civilisations that have set foot upon this planet (Read here the April 2016 Newsletter : History repeats itself). However the advantage preceding civilisations had was that they knew their true cosmic nature. Egyptians we no others than the Lemurian and Atlantean who had attempted to rebuild their knowledge. But other civilisations have done anything they could to distort this Sacred knowledge and to make it their own, for egocentric, power and domination purposes. And today, fragments of this Sacred Knowledge of the Great Enlightened that was stolen is used in "secret societies" residing on this planet, but this time for purposes of power and enslavement of others. Magic is used, but in order to control and enforce one's own will upon others (Black Magic versus White Magic), and the Sacred Truths lying within the religions were all distorted, tarnished and transformed into systems of control of the people who remain ignorant of its true Nature and is yet unable to discern what enslaves him from what sets him free. Instead of liberating, beliefs enslave and constrain the Consciousness into a prison, sometimes seemingly reassuring or golden. But it remains a prison.

Only Truth sets Free.

The principle of "augmented reality" is a snare that traps the individual being enticed. It is also the following of the transhumanist agenda which aims at transforming Humans into Cyborgs and to disconnect them from Life. It is advised to those who are still unaware of the actual goal of the occult game Pokemon Go (and it is not the only one), to do some research, there are many very good articles already available on the topic online. This game was set for various military and occult reasons. Looking for information on the matter will allow you to expand your Consciousness and integrate what is currently taking place on Earth and the different agendas.

The only 2 forces operating in the Universe, are called in various ways. Some call them "God and the Devil", the "Christ and Satan", or "Light and Darkness". All express the same thing : it is about the battle of Anti-Life against Life. There are forces creating, honouring and protecting Life, and forces defying and destroying Life. And so is it everywhere, in the microcosm as well as in the macrocosm. On a small scale or on a large scale, at any given moment, we have a choice to strive, either for Life, or for Anti-Life. Depending on our respective choices and so at any given moment, as we make choices every second we either are of service to one force or the other. This was perfectly depicted in the "Star Wars" movies. The 2 sides of the Force represent the force of Life, the way to Wisdom, or the way to Darkness and Destruction, to Domination, the absence of empathy and the quest for Power. Jesus used to say "God will spew the lukewarm out of his mouth". As when we do not wilfully choose who do we wish to strive for and be of service to, we then indirectly strive for Anti-Life. He who watches a cruel act without taking action (in any way) is then of service to the "Evil", since he allows it to commit this action. In that sense, the New Age and its distortions have been largely used and still are being used so as to have individuals become detached from everything ("lukewarm") and inactive. Like so, they fill up the side of the Shadow, convinced to be on the path of Spirituality.

But what kind of spirituality is this about, if this spirituality asks for indifference? Who would this spirituality be of service to? Indifference can not be a Divine value. Indifference is peculiar to the Anti-Life.

A being having truly brought down his cosmic consciousness into his physical vehicle is incapable of being indifferent to the destruction of Creation.

As the Creation runs through his veins and he is its Guardian, by the very action of being Alive. Ungratefulness is a thing of the unconscious. He who feels Life running through him, will forever honour and defend it. What you take for granted, you will be deprived of so that you understand what you were not able to see and thought you were "due". Nothing is owed to us. Everything is to be earned. Even if the Earth, its seas, its mountains, its forests, its rivers and its rocks are silent, they have never been "granted" to us, and unfortunately Humans will one day have to go through a phase of darkness where they will loose everything, to finally See what had always been before their eyes.

Humanity will experience a collective "Dark Night of the Soul" (Read the article explaining what the Dark Night of the Soul is, here). The Indigos / Starseeds generally go through their Dark Night of the Soul before the rest of humans (many are being reactivated now and since 2012), and the process is and will be faster, as they came precisely to assist in this phase of collective and global Dark Night of the Soul of the human civilisation, so as to help it be born again to Who It Is (even if not everybody will pass this stage, it will depend on the level of consciousness of each one), and they will have to be ready to guide humans who will be terrified when all their illusions will collapse, and when the external chaos will no longer allow them to "sleep on their laurels", nor to solely think of being distracted. Distraction is indeed the plague of Humanity and games such as Pokemon Go, but also the prevalence of sports games such as football or the Olympic Games show for it accurately. So long as a soul is doing something other than what it incarnated for, it is a victory for the Anti-Life, Anti-Consciousness and Anti-Evolution forces. And if they manage to reach that end result by having humans "compete" against each other, or play "games" which distract them from the dark reality they are setting up in parallel, then it is all that matters. While a human is concerned with the results of a race, a match, or game, he is 100% in his temporal terrestrial physical identity and thus not at all connected to his cosmic consciousness. He is therefore not a threat for the system and continues to serve as energetic food for the dark forces that exist in other dimensions, even if he feels like he is "having fun" or is "happy". Happiness and the true accomplishment of the Soul are very different from those of the mind / ego and its programming / illusions.

Integration of the Soul.

So what can we do to ease the process of integration of our Soul into our physical vehicle? The true definition of Ascension is not about ascending somewhere, into another dimension (Read here the June 2016 Newsletter : Planetary Ascension), but about bringing down our higher Consciousness into its physical vehicle, to integrate it and to integrate it into the 3rd dimension. Most humans are disconnected from their soul, from their higher self and their vehicle solely operates from their primary functions (reproductive, survival, ...), that is to say solely based on the first three chakras (Chakras 1, 2, and 3). Indeed, it is easy to see how most Humans are stuck from the 4th chakra on, which is the Heart chakra. What is more blatant on Earth but the fact that so many humans still appear to have no heart? With love in our hearts, it is impossible to hurt others. Be it a Human or an Animal. All live beings are connected to us through empathy (Read here the Article on Empathy) and what we do to others, we do to ourselves. The best way to be using humans and to have them destroy and defile each other is to disconnect them from their heart. To do so, various techniques and programming are being used so that normality is to "not have a heart". Empathy and kindness, as well as purity of heart are seen in Society as weaknesses and in everything that will be used to program humans from their youngest age, everything will be set in place so that he himself believes it to be true. Blocked from the heart chakra on, humans are then unable to unblock their higher chakras which are the throat chakra (communication), the 3rd eye chakra (intuition) and the crown chakra (his divine connection).

In this way, self confidence in this society is presented like a Man, Strong, Dominant, Egocentric, or Narcissistic even, Apathetic and Macho. For women, self confidence is presented through hyper sexualisation, where the only goal of a Woman is to be desirable in the eye of Men who are disconnected from their hearts, defiling herself as she goes along in relationships with Men who never acknowledge her soul. If a woman is not aware of her true nature nor her own soul, how could she recognise souls in symbiosis with hers, the most appropriate for her spiritual evolution? In respect, equality and Love? The respect and recognition we seek in others, must above all come through respect and recognition towards ourselves. Most relationships, and especially today as relationships between humans, as well as within couples, are more and more disconnected, are based upon illusions, programming and used to fill in for our own patterns, vices and wounds, due to our lack of spiritual work. We choose our partners depending on their job, their status, their bank account, their physical appearance, their age, their location, in short, everything unrelated to the soul, but in all ways related to the temporal terrestrial physical identity of the individual. It is the reason why divorce rates have never been as high as today. Men and Women have never known so little about who they are. Humans, when entering adulthood, have all already been so programmed by television and their circle, that without realising it, they reproduce those same patterns of disconnection from others. Instead of wanting to elevate the other one and bring them closer to the Divine, we try to control them and we contribute to maintaining them disconnected by not doing our own spiritual work ourselves.

How to Incarnate our multidimensional consciousness ?

Whether we are Indigos, Starseeds or Humans of the Earth, we have a Consciousness which resides outside of Time-space. This consciousness is our "Eternal Self", as opposed to our temporal Terrestrial Self. This outer layer of flesh is not immortal and will disappear like all others, and will take with it all the illusions inherent to the 3D reality that were present during our incarnation. As the old saying goes "you can't take it with you" : when we are attached to some 3D illusions, lets always remember that we will not take them with us when we leave this physical body to return to our Eternal Consciousness. We will not take with us our house paid with a mortgage while depriving ourselves all of our life, we will not take our car, our Rolex watch, our brands clothing, our plate with our job written on it. However, we will take with us all the lessons understood and not understood, the infringements, the irresponsibility, the behaviours of cruelty, of wickedness or of indifference we will have perpetrated, or on the contrary, our humility, our wisdom, our kindness and our purity of heart, which we will have managed to cultivate during this incarnation despite the sufferings and external attacks of a World disconnected from its true nature and from other civilisations and creatures inhabiting its reality.

It is in this figurative sense that the terms "heaven" and "hell" are used. Heaven representing the individual connected to his heart and therefore to his soul, who has therefore strived for the Good, for the Beautiful and for the Truth, who will then be at Peace upon his death, able to return to higher celestial planes; and Hell representing the state in which the individual who has "sinned", who has been of service to his ego (and so to the forces related to it, demons and entities) will be in upon his death. He will be stripped of all his material possessions, but will however remain with "hell" in his spirit which will bind him to all sorts of entities, because of his actions and his choices. Each time we make a choice, we either strive for the Good, the Beautiful and the Truth, or for the Evil, what defiles and lies, and accordingly we make "deals" with the corresponding entities, who need a support in this physical dimension to manifest their Beautiful or Ugly actions. Harmonious or disharmonious. And today, in this final phase towards the liberation of the planet, we are asked, more than ever, to settle, to choose our side. We can not strive for light and darkness at the same time. We can not strive for Life and for Anti-Life at the same time. This does not mean we must be perfect, it is impossible in a Universe that is this infected where almost nothing corresponds to its "before the fall" state, but our position must be clear, at least in our minds.

Because it is through the Spirit that everything starts, and everything can be done. When Humans will realise the Power of their Spirit, then they will regret having spent so many years, thousands of years, creating disharmony rather than Harmony. Creating ugliness rather than Beauty. Creating Lie rather than Truth. Creating defiling rather than Purity. Be it consciously or by default. For we are all creators of every moment, whether we know it or not, whether we want it or not, whether we believe it or not. The Universe does not care for the ego beliefs of one another. It is ruled by Universal Laws that are operating at all time and are independent from humans' beliefs of Time at different time periods. The Universal Laws are outside of Time, they are based upon the highest Divine Values : Harmony and Love. Like so, everything that is not Harmony and Love leads to devolution, and those who choose this path slowly sink into the meanders of the illusion of the ego. Some, will get back on their feet after getting lost, while others, as is the case of the extra-terrestrial and interdimensional civilisations that have infected the human civilisation and manipulate it, do not wish to be rehabilitated, and a divine intervention must then be carried out, so that their disharmony and destruction can cease to hinder Life.

This is the reason for the incarnation of the Indigos / Starseeds (extraterrestrial consciousnesses having lived on other planets incarnated on Earth), and of the humans of the Earth having reached a sufficient level of spiritual maturity allowing them be of service to others and not of service to their ego. Indigos / Starseeds and humans who are truly awakened are the bearer of this fresh gust of wind which comes to restore Truth, Beauty, Harmony and Purity, where it was removed. They come whispering to Humans that another way is possible, and to remind them they have a choice. They can either carry on sinking into the meanders of the artificial matrix, or break free from their chains, reclaim their power and consciously choose the path to true Spiritual Ascension, so as to master all their bodies and integrate their multidimensional consciousness into their vehicle - to become one and no longer be dissociated or fragmented.

Suggestions to enable the integration of our soul into our temporal terrestrial physical vehicle.

1. Learning to discern and identify times when we are our temporal terrestrial physical identity (TTPI) versus our Higher Self (Supreme Consciousness, Multidimensional Consciousness) and increase the ratio of "Eternal Self versus Temporal Self".

When are we our eternal Essence? When are we Julian, Stephany, Mary, John? Our Eternal Essence is the one that expresses itself when we speak from the Heart, when we are touched, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, when we let go of our mind / ego, and we let go of control in general, so as to give way to FAITH. Faith is no other than trust placed into the Divine. The Divine is beyond any religion. It is the Source of Life. Faith, therefore, reconnects us to Life. The lack of Faith, connects us to death, to destruction, to devolution.

Identifying the ratio over an entire day of the hours we have spent being our Eternal Self versus our temporal Self, and increasing that ratio in favour of the Eternal Self, each day a little more. For example : "I have been my Eternal Self for 1 hour today, during a conversation with a friend with whom I can exchange on these topics. Tomorrow my goal is to maintain that frequency for at least 2 hours in the day". And so on. The goal being to reach over 51% of incarnation of our Eternal Self, throughout the day. It is the primordial and vital stage in order to avoid or reduce various entity possession as well as mind control, which can only operate on the mind / ego and not on the Eternal Self. In which situations could I be myself even more? Which person or place, still making me cling to my temporal Self too much and not willing to evolve, could I withdraw from my socialising thus allowing me to increase my ratio in favour of my true Self? Like so, I should have the courage to change job, to end a relationship, to leave my parents' place, to move out, to leave certain friends... Because my Soul and the achieving of my intention of incarnation are at stake, as well as my physical, mental and emotional Health.

Each time we are our temporal self or are exposed to people being their temporal selves, we are on a lower frequency. On the contrary, when we are our Eternal Self, we vibrate at a higher frequency and so we create a reality more aligned with our true profound desires (of the soul) and with other souls aligned to our vibration.

The goal is to then increase this ratio to 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% ... keeping in mind that 100% is near impossible to reach in the current state of the Earth (only great enlightened people, such as Jesus who was a starseed incarnating his Avatar self across 12 dimensions, have managed to do so and so for a few years only).

2. Purifying ourselves.

The more our vehicle is "pure" the more it becomes a "channel" that can receive its higher self. An impure channel will on the contrary, pick up harmful and manipulative entities. A pure channel will pick up high frequencies and will be able to reconnect to its higher self, and will therefore access to information and intuitions outside of time-space.

Purifying everything related to the 5 senses : purifying everything we see, hear, eat, touch, feel. Food, Environment, Circle of socialising, Partners (beware of sexual intercourses that are unhealthy or not connected to the soul). Also, music listened to, clothes worn that can bind us too much to our old self, places of living being too influenced by certain energies of the past... It is a real cleansing we should be aiming at, on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and vibrational). Sports are recommended in this phase of purification and cleansing. Although, make sure sports are practiced mindfully, and not based on competition (which feeds the ego and so the temporal identity and which would have reverse effects).

Purifying our Thoughts : Thoughts create our reality. (Read here the article: How do we create our Reality?). A negative thought can be a lot more harmful than an unhealthy food. Thoughts are our priority to learn to master. An individual who does not control his thoughts or does not know to identify if they come from his soul or his ego (and thus from all the parasite entities which come through the ego and sustain it) runs the risk of being negatively manipulated or influenced towards self sabotage or harming others, with the consequences at a karmic level and on other planes that are involved.

3. Dismantling the Houses of Ego.

Everybody has already heard of the "7 deadly sins". As every "legend", it comes from a truth and it is time for Humans to understand fully the meaning of these myths and legends of the past, and to grasp their Truth.

Each human being is responsible for his thoughts, for his behaviours and for his actions, as each one of them entails to energetic consequences. This is what we call the butterfly effect : everything we do influences the rest of the Universe. Like so, as seen above, with every thought and action, depending on the vibrational value of what we have chosen to hold within us and to express, we will ally with negative or positive forces, according to the Universal Laws. The negative forces are in the lower dimensions and create enslavement and slavery; the positive forces, in the higher dimensions and create Freedom of the Soul and of the Spirit.

Demonic spirits, that is entities of very low frequencies who strive for Anti-Life (Anti-Christ), live in the internal structures of the ego, in other words, in the "houses of ego" represented by 7 deadly sins in the 3rd dimension, in what is Conscious. For instance, people are often aware of being greedy, or jealous. To that, are added traumas and wounds of all sorts, that will also induce reactions within the internal structures of the ego and will therefore be able to attract, through vibrational resonance, entities who vibrate at this frequency with whom they will be able to connect, or even serve as a portal for. Those are often not conscious and are a matter of the memory and the Unconscious. Like so, many humans serve as portals, without realising it, for all sorts of entities when they think or express themselves, perceiving reality through the spectrum of their own wounds, or judgements, which then become projections. The vibrational consequences of a negative judgement sent towards someone are very important. We are not only responsible for the entities we connect with when we send negative judgements towards others, especially when they come from our own projections; but we are also responsible for the consequences of this attack towards the targeted person, as the entity uses the negative thoughts emitted to negatively impact the targeted person (in the most extreme cases, this could manifest as black magic). Negative thoughts and negative judgements (jealousy, badmouthing, envy, wickedness...) are like "darts" and all sorts of etheric weapons that the targeted person will receive. By committing actions linked to low frequency entities and demonic spirits, we make a deal with them and are thus linked to them, which, if we do not undertake a serious spiritual work, will generally lead us to fall lower and lower down the negativity and ego spiral and to be more and more bonded with these spirits who then can have a near complete control over us.

The only solution to free ourselves from all these negative influences, is to commit to a serious spiritual work. Many spiritual teachers teach about spiritual basics, but do not speak of negative, demonic, extra-terrestrial / extra-dimensional or interdimensional entities of low frequencies. This is the reason why even after 10 or 20 years of taking on spiritual teachings, of living in ashrams or having read hundreds of books, most people who think they are "spiritually awakened", still remain ignorant of the different entities inhabiting our Universe and are incapable of vibrational discernment. However, it is crucial to learn to discern the different types of frequencies and to understand the different types of forces ruling our Universe. Discerning is different from judging, in the sense that discernment comes from wisdom of the soul, whereas judgement, from the mind / ego.

The 7 houses of Ego.

To dismantle within ourselves, and replace with a new house able to welcome the elevated spirits of Wisdom, of Harmony and of Purity of the Spiritual Force.

• Lust / Addiction : Dismantle and replace with Purity.

• Wrath / Rage : Dismantle and replace with Patience.

• Greed / Avarice : Dismantle and replace with Generosity.

• Envy / Jealousy : Dismantle and replace with Kindness.

• Gluttony / Waste : Dismantle and replace with Discipline and Conservation.

• Laziness / Discouragement : Dismantle and replace with Diligence.

• Pride / Self-Importance : Dismantle and replace with Humility.

Our Higher Self and the beings of higher frequencies can not align with an unhealthy mind nor an impure body, since everything is a matter of vibrational resonance in the Universe. Only the spirit of Humility will enable us to be honest with ourselves and to see how many houses of ego do we still live in. We have identified to these houses thinking they were our "personalities" (For instance : "My aunt is greedy"), but spiritual work is what can enable us to become a new person and so, to change our personality, and more than changing our personality, to make it disappear for the benefits of our true cosmic identity. Fluidity can then settle within Us, Faith be felt again, letting go of the need to control and project everything from ourselves.

Thankfully, more and more humans, who have chosen the path of spiritual Ascension by wishing to become seekers of the Truth, and we could even say Defenders of the Truth, are embodying more and more those values.

This is the reason why we will witness a true new direction of the Worlds, with a division amongst Humanity, between those who will take the road towards devolution, and those who will take the path towards Ascension. It is the separation of the Worlds, and we can all already see it around us. The gap between both Humanities will get deeper and deeper. The negative will become more and more negative and the positive more and more positive. "Evil" will expand, and so will the "Good". Each one of us will be responsible for the path he will wish to embark on, with its corresponding consequences. We will have to bear in mind that we are not responsible for the choices of our relatives, and of other humans inhabiting our planet. As this choice is open to everyone.

But we can help by embodying our Eternal Consciousness ourselves, so as to show others what a Divine Human is. A Human who is reactivated to his Full Potential.

As nothing is more Powerful than the Example.

Let us be this example.

With Love,

Laura Marie - July 2016 Newsletter - Soul Integration - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy:

- Intégration de l'Âme:

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