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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - April 2017

While the planet is going through its Ascension process, which started at the end of 2012, we can clearly notice the physical consequences of this final battle for the emancipation of the human race, with on the one side a part of humanity that is awakening and starting to ascend, and on the other side, another one sinking into more and more unconsciousness and suffering.

The advanced cosmic races and the humans of the Earth wishing to strive for humanity's sovereignty and for the advent of Consciousness upon Earth are not at war with anyone. But the interdimensional and extra-terrestrial forces that have thrown humanity into darkness for over 26 000 years by depriving it from any access to the Knowledge of its true History and the functioning of the Reality of the Universal Laws, are on the other hand ready to do anything so as to prevent this emancipation through Consciousness and Knowledge, of the human beings they have been enslaving and deceiving for this long.

Humans have been purposefully maintained on the same low frequencies of power, domination, hierarchy, illness, fear, division, conflict and destruction, for thousands of years, completely ignorant that other choices were possible and most of all, that all of this was not "natural", in other words not "organic", and that the true nature of human beings, is very far from all these behaviours that are but programs insidiously instilled from birth into humans' minds, up until now, for the most part, disconnected from their soul.

When an individual is disconnected from his soul, that is to say when his eternal consciousness is not connected to his temporary physical body, then it is very easy to manipulate his mind through his personality and his ego, or to possess his physical body, since his consciousness is no longer there to take charge of the physical body. The physical body thus left in auto-pilot mode, is solely driven on the base of predominantly unconscious programs, modelled on mass programming imposed onto the human collective consciousness. On top of that add up various traumas, also conscious or unconscious, that will lead to different behaviours, beliefs and fears, that will in turn determine the way an individual will lead his life, and therefore, his destiny as well.

Like so, in order to prevent a human being from awakening to his true multidimensional nature and therefore to his true power, you only need to program his mind, first, to be closed to anything that is "unknown", to react on the base of his ego an beliefs, and to think that he is alone in the Universe, and that he is at the top of the pyramid and the food chain, at the height of Creation.

This lack of humility gave birth to this infamous arrogance that makes it impossible for yet the most part of human beings, to accept the fact that we are co-existing in the Universe with a multitude of other cosmic races, some benevolent, and some others having chosen not to honour Life. Beyond no longer ignoring the presence of other extra-terrestrial races in the cosmos, today is about realising our co-existence with these forces and entities, here upon Earth, as well as their presence in our daily lives and so in a more and more increased manner for the past few decades, since their agreements with the military industrial complex.

Indeed, many agreements have been concluded and still are being concluded with the government, which in exchange for allowing human trafficking upon the planet and beyond the planet, as well as human abduction (kidnapping of humans with intentions of genetical manipulation mainly), obtains more and more advanced technologies and promises enticing the elites and their thirst for power.

All of this seems to be coming straight out of a science fiction movie, however, the more we will progress in this phase of Ascension and so of cosmic disclosure, the more we will realise the reality goes indeed far beyond fiction, and that everything we have built so far, through our mind and our beliefs, and thought was reality, will need to be entirely deconstructed so as to give way to the true nature of what is going on upon the Earth and in the Universe.

This phase of dark night of the soul which humanity will be collectively and individually thrown into, along the awakening of each human being of this matrix that was yet solely operating on the base of their inferior chakras, that are chakras 1, 2 and 3, will be more or less painful for each and every one, depending on their own abilities to accept moving out of denial quickly, or if on the contrary, the choice will be to continue resisting change.

Indeed, denial is a compensation mechanism of the immature individual's ego, who by fear of questioning his beliefs and therefore having to change certain aspects of his reality, would rather deny the very existence of this reality. Unfortunately, denial can not be neither a short term nor a long term solution, as denial will never prevent what we do not wish to happen from happening. On the contrary, the more we wait to open our eyes upon the truth of a situation, the greatest will the shock and pain be when we actually realise this truth. What we must understand, is that absolutely every human will have to sooner or later go through this phase of comprehension of the existence of the different extra-terrestrial forces, agendas and Laws existing in our Universe, even if it is at the time of leaving their physical body. The sooner we decide to have the courage to face this reality, the further will we be able to go in our Ascension process, and the more time will we have to accomplish our spiritual mission. Indeed, nobody is on Earth by accident, and we all have a path to follow for our soul, and for many of us, aligned to the frequency of these articles, a spiritual mission in this phase of Ascension and liberation.

Knowledge is liberating, denial on the other hand, allows for cruelty, violence, manipulation, lies, exploitation, human and animal trafficking, sex trafficking, and the enslavement of the human race and of other forms of life to remain.

If you are watching this video, it is very likely that you are already awakened to the reality of the extra-terrestrial presence, of this phase of Ascension we are experiencing, and of the progressive but complete cosmic disclosure that some of us came to accomplish. For many of us, we have had this feeling since we were very young, of having a mission for the World, something very important to accomplish, without being able to explain it. When every other human around us were satisfied with the reality they were offered, we felt responsible for creating a new one, with a feeling of urgency and seriousness, but always allied to an indescribable joy, this joy, indescribable with human words, which today starts making sense, as it was no other than the fulfilment of the mission our soul had chosen for our stay upon the Earth. This phase of emancipation of the human race is awaited and has been prepared by many advanced cosmic races that came to assist humanity in its Ascension process, be it through terrestrial physical vehicles borrowed for the time of an incarnation amongst humans (starseeds), or through assisting humanity and the Earth in other dimensions, preparing the models of development for the future of the human race.

The natural spiritual development of the human race was largely interfered, and today, after this galactic quarantine where humanity was forced to be thrown into darkness and ignorance, humanity is in its own right to know what it was subjected to, and to know those responsible for it, without falling into blaming, nor anger, so as to truly be able to heal. Indeed, knowing the techniques that have been used to infiltrate the human race, to provoke the deterioration of its DNA, and to restrict the expansion of its consciousness, is essential, so as to not only become a truly spiritually mature being, but also to no longer allow for this to happen in the New Earth we came to build.

We are indeed moving into this New Earth of the 5th dimension, slowly leaving behind the dimensions 1, 2 and 3 that are gradually closing onto themselves. Humanity is dividing into two, and a choice is asked to every individual : the choice to move towards the path of the expansion of their consciousness, in other words of the Ascension, or the choice to remain plugged onto the artificial matrix and its programming, almost entirely controlled and manipulated by these forces that possess mind control technologies as well as the knowledge of the functioning of reality, and are extremely advanced in comparison with the current human degree of consciousness.

This "new age" has been announced a long time ago in spiritual and religious communities. Unfortunately, many, fooled by the illusion of the false light, have been enticed into thinking that ignoring the negative was enough for it to disappear, in the utmost satisfaction of those who could then carry on with their crimes against humanity with complete impunity.

Ascension is not about choosing a polarity and ignoring another. Once again, denial never leads to the spiritual maturity of an individual. And the opposite of denial is absolutely not fear nor paranoia, it is simply the ability to see the truth for what it really is, without judging it, although with discerning, and in a neutral and factual way. When we choose to intentionally ignore parts of the reality, we then lie to ourselves and we do not complete the true work of alchemy we are required to do in this phase of Ascension and transmutation of the negative into light.

The only way to truly neutralise the negative, is to shed a light on it, that is to say the information of Pure Truth. No luciferian nor satanic force can fight against Pure Truth. On the contrary, these forces feed of of denial, fight, illusion, lying to ourselves, and the absence of courage to face the truth.

To this day, many who remain stuck into these thinking patterns, convince themselves that it is by understanding of the "law of attraction", largely promoted within the New Age communities and so in an incomplete and distorted manner, that they make the conscious choice of ignoring everything that is "negative". It is once again a compensation mechanism of the ego who does not wish to admit that it is by fear and fight that it has chosen to convince itself like so. This requires indeed a huge amount of courage so as to be able to face the entire spectrum of reality, and not in a compartmentalised manner so as to spare our own beliefs or fears. This requires to have a firm and unerring will to know All the truth, so as to be able to help those who will need it the most, over choosing to maintain our own illusion or our own comfort. How many actually make that choice?

And yet, there will need to be enough who are able and willing, so as to be able to prevent this New Earth from being infiltrated by the same behaviours and wrongdoings that have destroyed the old one. It would indeed be naïve to think all this distortion will magically disappear. This will require of each individual to take their responsibilities as they progress on their path upon this New Earth we came to build.

If humanity was aware of the way these forces have infiltrated and then destroyed for instance the Atlantean and Lemurian civilisations, civilisations that have preceded the current human civilisation, it could not have done again the same mistakes it is currently doing, by letting unconscious technology gradually interfere within humans for instance, thus encouraging transhumanism.

It is precisely because humans are entirely ignorant of the very existence of preceding civilisations and of the infiltration techniques of the negative ET races within their colonies, that the Earth can end up in the state it currently is in and that the same mistakes can be perpetrated over and over again.

We can not afford to reproduce the same mistakes in this New 5D Earth that will be the fruit of our respective works, each accomplishing the mission we had chosen upon incarnation and for which we volunteered, regardless of the risks and difficulties. This is the reason why it is crucial to know the different negative ET's and government's agendas, so as to be able to build the model of this New Earth in the purest way possible, without bringing along with us, thanks to our full knowledge of the anti-life programs and processes, the remains of the preceding distortion.

Today, we are experiencing what we could call an awakening boom. Humans will awaken in mass and run everywhere to find answers to their questions, following their dark night of the soul. The negative forces will not be able to prevent this opening of consciousness that humans are today able to experience, thanks to this window of galactic opening where the spiritual Ascension is possible, which had not happened for 26 000 years. But what they will do on the other hand is attempting to trap as many souls as possible into the nets of the false light promoted by the New Age, or to divert them completely from their spiritual path through fear or the many means of distraction instilled throughout the matrix. If they do know their time has nearly come, they nonetheless wish to take with them as many souls as possible into their ghost matrix, in other words, to seize as many consciousnesses as possible through deception, delusion and false promises. One of the main Universal Laws is the Law of Consent. Like so, more and more attempts at gaining humans' consent to turn to dead inorganic light (decline / disconnection / transhumanism) rather than live organic light, that is to say the Ascension (alignment with the Universal Laws / spiritual reconnection) will be seen, sometimes in grotesque ways since, in this final phase of the battle, these forces no longer even hide. The more openly exposed is the agenda, the more the obtained consent is valid, and the truth is often openly revealed, so that these forces can use the argument that humanity is aware of what it is subjected to and consents to it. Like so, from a cosmic point of view, humans are using their own free will to consent to the agendas they chose to encourage with their energetic participation.

Today we are asked more than ever to make a choice. That is to say, to choose if we wish to continue to feed the artificial matrix and serve as a link so that it can persist energetically, or if we wish to withdraw ourselves from it, so as to regain our soul's sovereignty and reconnect to the not artificial, but Universal intelligence.

With each of our words, of our thoughts and of our actions, we feed either the inorganic artificial matrix and its distortions, or the New Earth model we came to build together, in Unity, knowledge and Consciousness.

Once again, if we are not able ourselves to discern when a thought is organic or inorganic (artificial) or when a behaviour is healthy, or unhealthy, then, we will bear flaws that might then be used as gateways into this New Earth.

This is the reason why all the New Age followers, who naively think they are building this New Earth without any knowledge nor awareness of the presence of negative forces, of their infiltration techniques, of the artificial intelligence threat, as well as of the mind control and implantation techniques used on the individuals, will be the first ones targeted and deceived, and they will be the first ones used to infiltrate, through their flaws and blindness, the healthy projects of construction of the New Earth.

Today, we must understand our individual but also collective energetic responsibility. The future of humanity is being decided right now, in this phase of new directions of the timelines, and each one of our thoughts, words or each one of our actions, is a vote for a potential future or another; for ourselves and our own destiny, and for the destiny of the entire humanity. Time is no longer to flight, entertainment or denial, but to each one of us taking our responsibilities, understanding our personal impact within the collective reality. We must move out of individualism so as to move towards humanitarianism; as well as growing from terrestrial citizens to cosmic citizens.


Many starseeds and humans of the Earth having reached a certain degree of spiritual development allowing them to have a mission for humanity, have for mission the manifestation in the matter of this New Earth, via different means and respective positions. Some of us will have positions of teachers or spiritual guides so as to assist humanity and the starseeds in their awakening, others will have functions of creation of the new conscious communities, the new techniques of cultivating the Earth, installing new technologies in accordance with the Universal Law, the new treatment systems and healing techniques, the creation of new schools, new systems aiming at replacing our current enslaving monetary system, new forms of Arts expressing Beauty and Harmony, but also of incarnation of the principles of the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the true divine Love that has been defiled so much and replaced with a sullied, perverse and unconscious sexuality.

Like so, if for each of these areas, we are not aware of all the mistakes we made in the past, be it in this civilisation or in the preceding ones, as well as of the infiltration techniques that have been used to reverse the highest divine values and to defile them, how can we believe we will be able to build these new models without them being destroyed again ? Today, we must truly move away from naivety so as to become responsible and mature beings, aware of the entire spectrum of reality, by assessing what is crucially at stake in this phase that offers an incredible potential for change and emancipation.

Here are now the main poles that will emerge in this New 5D Earth, as well as what we must understand and study so as to successfully complete these projects in the most mature and responsible way:


We will have to contribute to the technological development of the human civilisation and encourage those technological innovations in accordance with the Universal Laws, all the while being aware of the transhumanist agenda and its traps that are massively promoted in parallel. It will be imperative that we understand the ETs agendas behind the insertion of artificial intelligence within the human being, and thus be able to discern the inorganic frequencies of artificial intelligence so as to be able to prevent it from entering within the new constructions of the 5D Earth. If we are not aware, or if we are in denial of that, then we might be used to have the negative ET races' artificial intelligence penetrate into our projects for the New Earth.


Humanity was inserted with division programs (divide and conquer) for its entire existence. Humans do no longer know of the natural values of the human being that are respect, benevolence, Kindness, Goodness, intelligence of the heart and Compassion. All the highest divine values have been defiled and reversed upon this planet, giving way to the popularisation of cruelty, mockery, cynicism, meanness, mental intelligence disconnected from the heart, and the absence of empathy.

Most humans are unaware that their spiritual bodies have been filled with artificial intelligence implants that then manipulate on a daily basis their reactions, their health state, their mindset and their emotional. They also ignore that the artificial intelligence works like a virus and that these viruses can be implanted within our different etheric bodies, so as to distort our perceptions and thus use us to accomplish various agendas or divert us from our true missions. The Victim / Perpetrator program being the main virus implanted within the human race, it is up to each one of us' responsibility to clean ourselves from these different programs through a serious spiritual work, far from the fast and therefore illusory lanes promoted by the New Age, so as to make sure we do not carry with us these different programs into our constructions of this New 5D Earth.


Sexuality between two beings who love each other and are vibrationally aligned, is a powerful tool of reconnection to one's soul and cosmic consciousness. This is the reason why since the beginning of humanity everything was made to throw the Earth into this appalling state of sexual misery in which we currently are. The agenda of hyper sexualisation of women and children is increasing day by day and the models meant to inspire the human youth are more and more depraved and openly Satanist. The human or animal sex tracking and paedophilia make millions of victims every year, in the utmost isolation, far from the sight of humans who would rather remain in denial of the existence of these atrocities. In this new Earth, we must understand the sexual misery programs and how and why they were instilled upon Earth, so as to be able to help all these victims to be rehabilitated, and to no longer allow for these processes to persist in the future. The only way to make all these abominations disappear is to say the truth on what happens and to lift the opaque veil upon these occult and satanic practices. We must rediscover what is the true divine eroticism and the divine sexuality, and no longer give our consent to the programs highly destructive for the consciousness that are pornography, hyper sexualisation and sex trafficking. (You may read here the "Law of Consent" and the section on sexuality).


In this new 5D Earth, we will have to learn again to feed in an organic and natural way, and to stay away from any nanotechnology and chemistry within our foods. For that, it is necessary to understand how humanity is intoxicated and poisoned through industrial foods, pesticides, sweeteners, colouring and preservatives and how nanotechnology (transhumanism) is infiltrating more and more into our plates and our water. The awareness and knowledge of these processes of mass destruction of the human civilisation through food will be required to build these new ways of cultivating the Earth and of healthy food habits necessary to the coming survival of the human race.


Humans will have to understand that they are not "on top of the food chain" and that many parasites also feed of of them, no matter if they are in ignorance or denial. Believing to be the most advanced or intelligent specie of a planet, does not in any way give us the right to abuse other species present but on the contrary, gives us the responsibility to protect them. This is the main mistake made by humans, who by arrogance and ignorance of the Universal Laws, have defiled creation and the different other realms, so as to satisfy their own egoistic desires. Each realm has its purpose and must be respected. In this new Earth we are building, we must teach kids, from their youngest age, the importance of respecting all forms of life no matter what they are, and to take care of them. We must put Life back at the heart of our concerns and priorities, so as to no longer let these anti-life agendas persist.


If we start building this new Earth on the base of this same ignorance and naivety that has damaged humanity so far, then our efforts will be vain, and we will see the same catastrophes happen instead of this garden of Eden that we wish to build. Naivety and spiritual mastery are antagonistic and can not belong to the same reality. Humans will have to awaken to the energy in the Universe, and when we give an "energetic" treatment, what energy is running through us or is sent to us? If we are not able to discern if this energy is christic, luciferian or satanic, if this energy is in accordance with the Universal Laws and for our greatest well-being, or if it is dead inorganic light, how are we going to be able to be sure we are building healing centres truly beneficial for humanity and not being used on the contrary to access the spiritual bodies of humans remained naïve, or to withdraw their energy?

Once again, only the understanding of our true history, of the existence of the different forces inhabiting our Universe, and only the practice of our vibrational discerning will enable us to establish these new healing and treatment techniques, far from any possible distortion and far from the naivety and infatuation of the beginner. Humanity being brand new in its spiritual awakening, it is obvious that it is when at its highest peak of naivety that it will unfortunately be targeted by the most deception programs and delusions.


With the progress of the cosmic disclosure, engaged by different advanced cosmic races incarnated upon Earth (starseeds) and counteracted by agents of disinformation so as to loose as many awakening humans as possible into confusion and the amount of information available, humanity will face many future challenges as it is going through its process of awakening to other civilisations inhabiting the Universe. Many extra-terrestrial factions are promoting their own agendas and there is today a true war so as to get their own slice of the cake. The military industrial complex is already in touch with hundreds of extra-terrestrial races with which they make agreements and exchanges, and possess all sorts of secret space programs, also with different agendas.

This is not in any way about falling for fear. Simply because there is no reason to be fearful, as soon as we understand that knowledge protects us and that it is ignorance that is harmful. Those things have always existed. It is just that we could not perceive them before.

The more the frequency of the Earth increases and the more our frequency increases, the more we can lift the veils and see realities previously invisible. This is the principle of the Ascension, which is no other than an escalation between different dimensions, through the expansion of our consciousness.

The Earth is inhabited by beings on different level of consciousness and evolution, and in this phase of new direction, groups of humans are going to form more and more, depending on their respective vibrational resonances, and build these new conscious communities that will little by little sprout and replace the old system. Once again, it is crucial that these new constructions are built upon solid bases, that is to say in perfect awareness of everything that caused our loss in the past, so as not to make the same mistakes again.

Humanity will also have to quickly move away from these first stages of astral bliss, promoted by the New Age so as to truly enter in the true spiritual maturity, synonymous with knowledge and responsibility.

If every human being stands as a guardian for their own destiny, and no longer accepts for it to be interfered by other agendas than that of their soul, and if each human being stands as guardian for the destiny of the entire humanity, no longer accepting its organic process of Ascension to be interfered with by other agendas, then no force will be able to fight against this invincible willpower that is no other than the regained power and sovereignty of a reconnected human.

Laura Marie - April 2017 Newsletter - New Earth - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa of Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy:

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