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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - May 2016

If our World ended up where it is today, it is because of various elements involved, not only since the beginning of this current civilisation, but since long before, as the distortion was already there within previous civilisations. The current human civilisation is not the first and only civilisation to have set foot on planet Earth across its 4.5 billion years of existence.

What is an egregore?

An egregore is an aggregation of Thought-Forms. A thought-form is a thought that was thought enough times (and in which was infused enough energy) so that it was able to take a form, and subsequently exist in the astral plane. Thought-forms and egregores exist in other dimensions than the physical dimension, but are very "real" in those dimensions. As we know that everything that exists in other planes also influences the physical plane, we understand how crucial it is to understand the functioning and the impact of egregores and thought-forms in our daily lives. Some egregores have been created by thought-forms that were sufficiently thought and sustained by disconnected human beings, while others have been consciously created by some forces, civilisations far more aware of the Universal Laws (secret societies) and whom are used to snatch humans' consciousnesses into programs.

This is the reason why all hypersensitive individuals, and empaths, have such a hard time "fitting in" in this civilisation that is trapped in those different egregore and is a "victim" of their conditioning (I always write the word victim with quotation marks because the individuals concerned are co-responsible for their state and, most of the time, are stuck in those egregores willingly - with the exception of some extreme cases that are still very present on this planet, such as, for instance, people who are forced to obey to some particular religions and all their deviances). Because hypersensitive individuals, or empaths, or more globally anyone in alignment with his/her higher self who is free from any conditioning, perceive beyond the 3rd dimension and most importantly can feel in their entire body what is taking place in the invisible as well, often not being able to explain it. Those individuals may thus feel "antisocial" or "agoraphobic", "schizophrenic" or "bipolar". But when our perceptions extend beyond what is visible to the naked eye, it is often difficult to handle the symptoms that ensue, and it is not current Science on Earth, that is greatly behind as well as very infiltrated and manipulated by those those who wish to maintain this World in the state of ignorance it is a "victim" of; that will, in those cases, "heal" the individual who are perceiving the thought-forms. There is no "medication" to no longer feel thought-forms and even if there were, it would be as with any other medication whereby: a problem is not healed by masking the symptoms. We heal by going back to the source of the problem and by understanding what might have caused it.

This is the reason why spiritual awakening as well as an understanding of these Ascension mechanisms and of what is currently happening upon Earth in terms of confrontation with the different Forces and Civilisations / Agendas is CRUCIAL for any human being if they want to leave behind the suffering that is triggered by ignorance.

Most of the pain human beings are experiencing currently on Earth, are caused by unconsciousness and ignorance and could be avoided. The same goes with the pain that is inflicted upon the animals and all other forms of life.

This work is an immense work once again : being Conscious is no easy thing and requires discipline at all time. The smallest slackening can have us caught up in new inorganic networks and programs and I would say the most dangerous are the most subtle ones. Comfort is one of the most efficient egregore to keep a human being disconnected.

It is often through suffering that we evolve the most: when we reach such a critical state that our only way out is to "wake up". Which is why many human beings will experience spiritual awakening following an illness, an accident, a difficult breakup or another emotional shock.

The more an individual has moved away from what he truly is (which is the case for the greatest majority of humans), the more disharmony takes place within all of his cells, and the following consequences are : disharmony within direct external life (relationships, work, children, etc.), and disharmony (illness) within the physical body. The soul suffocates when its physical vehicle is so disconnected it no longer hears its instructions, and a physical body disconnected from its soul can only get caught in the different egregores as it is not steadily connected to its own "captain" (the soul). This is the reason why those running the World initiate anything possible to disconnect more and more human beings from their higher selves, as later, the vehicle is left without instructions and can easily be used, since ignorant, naïve and vulnerable.

"What man refuses to learn through wisdom, he will learn through suffering".

We have a choice today to take the road to wisdom, or the one to suffering. This does not mean that the road to wisdom will never comprise suffering, difficulties, nor obstacles. But he who refuses to be wise, to be conscious, will suffer even more, for he will be governed by his negative mind / ego, which has no higher perspective, is at the hands of various entities, egregores (as we saw) and programming : all having but one single goal : the complete disconnection of the individual from their higher self so they may be used like a puppet.

Leaving our comfort zone is crucial if we want to end the destructive patterns, our ignorance, and if we want to unveil the reality of this World. If suffering is a powerful catalyst for change, how could we wish for lifting the veil when we are so cosy and warm, everything is going well and we have all the comfort? The powers and forces in place do not need to point a gun at the head of humans so that they do not awaken. They only need to provide them with daily comfort and emotionally captivating tv series so the individual forgets entirely his purpose upon Earth and who he is, submerged by images of other humans having themselves forgotten who they were too (actors / presenters) and pretending to be people who they are not. But this extends to the internet now, where vicarious living has reached its peak in the history of mankind. We spend more time watching the life of others than building our own.

Like so, suffering can induce an awakening if correctly handled and understood, comfort leads to distraction and putting the Consciousness to sleep. And for the "lightworkers", those who are now aware they have a mission to fulfil on this planet and in this crucial time period, the attempts to have us backtrack can sometimes be very subtle. I can not count how many times I have heard voices in my head whispering to me, telling me to stop everything I was doing so as to "enjoy life".

Like so, we will learn to ally in a subtle and intelligent manner the necessity to create for ourselves a serene external reality, with our respective missions and spiritual work for ourselves and for the World.

Also, it would be very sensible to recharge our batteries in places high in vibration, to maintain ourselves in a vibration as high as possible, and to use any means available to "refill our vibrational reservoir", all the while avoiding to fall for the traps of distraction from our true goal thanks to constant inner work. Each time we smile, laugh, take an animal into our arms, feel the vibration of True Love within our cells, sing, are connected to Nature, are creating, (and of course all of which with Mindfulness and in respect of the higher Universal laws), then we increase our energetic reservoir. On the contrary, each time we criticise, are mean, lie, manipulate, are stressed, frustrated, irresponsible, incoherent, disharmonious in our thoughts and words, in the negative ego and in denial, we lower our vibrational rate. It is each one of us' responsibility to fill this reservoir with as much Harmony and Beauty as possible each passing day, and travelling to places where the Earth has kept its original Nature can help us achieve it.

Artificial Matrix

The forces who created this artificial matrix have no intention on letting their preys escape it. Humans are their food resource, through their negative emotions (low frequencies) and their DNA; and a human who begins to understand what humanity is being a "victim" of is a threat for those civilisations, for the terrestrial Government in place, and for all the forces taking advantage of this human slavery, and they are many to come help themselves in this giant feast. Therefore, everything will be done, as soon the human awakens, to have him fall back into his previous consciousness, into another egregore, into oblivion, deactivation through any process (desensitising with the "New Age"), distraction, stagnation, or even rambling / insanity.

These truths are not for those who are not brave. It requires a lot of courage to put our entire life of service to the Truth, regardless of the difficulties encountered and the pain caused. How many understand the current stakes of what is really going on upon Earth? How many understand the attacks launched against those showing the true path towards emancipation? Many are still trapped into their desire to only hear what feels good to their ears, rather than know the Truth. For Truth disturbs, Truth is sometimes awful to face, Truth hurts, Truth requires intrinsic and immediate change. How many still refuse to watch what happens in farms and slaughterhouses for fear of not being able to eat as they used to? Their consciousness tells them a thing, but their mind / ego a radically different one. The same goes to all Extraterrestrial topics. The individual knows deeply within him that if all of this is true, then it is his entire World, based upon illusions, that will collapse, and few are ready to make that choice. It is well-known : We prefer a reassuring lie rather than a disturbing truth. This also goes, and even more so, for the spiritual communities. The New Age programming is so subtle and skilfully put together that few manage to detect it. It was created long before humans awakened, waiting for the opportunity to catch them as soon as they would show any sign of Awareness. Beware though, this is not about making assumption nor condemning anyone, most people in the "New Age" are sincere and well-meaning. It is simply that they do not always have enough discernment and knowledge to be able to spot the many distortions hidden within the many truths that are taught. Of course not everything is to be rejected in the New Age. It is indeed crucial for each one of us to understand how to discern if something is good for our Consciousness or not, and what "system" operates behind this or that person or thing.


What is the best antidote to the egregore, thought-forms, psychic attacks, mind control, and to any attempt to draw us away from Who We Are? : Consciousness.

Awareness, and especially, Mastery. As Awareness and Consciousness must be tied to mastery, which implies Discipline, if it wants to be able to be constant and not temporary and therefore vulnerable and unstable. And mastery is not achieved in a instant. Also, beware not to mistake "mastery" for perfection. Perfection does not exist, even if we are required to always head towards a state of perfecting, but if we aim for perfection itself, then we will end up disillusioned. Spiritual "masters" are often wrongly associated with ideas of "perfection". But a teacher can only teach what he went or is going through himself. The highest state is not that of who is perfect, but that of who seeks to perfect himself, in order to serve the highest Universal Laws, no matter which level he is at. Therefore, he who wants to be in mastery, must want to be so in order to be of service to the Universal laws and not of service to his ego. How many seek to acquire specific spiritual abilities so as to satisfy their ego? How many wish to keep their beliefs and preconceived ideas so as not to have to deconstruct and dismantle their negative ego upon which they built themselves?

Self-mastery implies to be observing of ourselves at every moment and to ask ourselves what are our motivations behind each of our words and each of our actions. When the intrinsic motivation is not Consciousness, Harmony, Truth, then we must correct our thoughts so they become coherent with the version of ourselves we strive to become (again).

So many humans do not understand yet the power of their thoughts. They think they do not own any weapon or magic wand. But the greatest magic wand is our mind. Pay attention to what you create with your mind. No need for a wand when we have the mind. The verb creates. As soon as we speak, we create.

As soon as we speak, we fill or empty our reservoir.

Each sentence, each word containing disharmony empties our reservoir. Each word containing Harmony, Beauty fills our reservoir and that of the Earth. Watch how humans empty their reservoir and that of the Earth, with their empty words. Let us no longer be of those. Let us help the Earth breathe again. We are her lungs. We either make her suffocate or thrive. And the same goes to each one of us (we either suffocate ourselves or thrive). He who lives in harmony with himself lives in Harmony with the Universe...

In which areas of our lives do we not vibrate purity yet? In which areas of our life is disharmony still present? In which areas and when does stress disturb our cells? When are our thoughts contrary to who we are?

We will have to detach ourselves more and more from what others might think, say or do in response to what we will decide to be. This way only, will we be able to taste the true Force and the true Freedom. The true master is not he who has disciples but he who has self-mastery. And in his own self-mastery, he inspires those around him. No need to accomplish miracles: his sole serenity will overwhelm others deep within them. Never mistaken serenity for inaction. We can fight all the while being serene. When we are worried, our worries might take us on the slippery slope our "enemies" (those who do not want our liberation from their chains) have prepared well. Traps are everywhere.

Serenity brings us lucidity, worry brings confusion.

The emotional stability must be our priority. We do not need to scream louder than others to prove our strength. We can be quiet, serene and very powerful.

Who we will decide to ally ourselves with will not be free of consequences. Behind each of our thoughts, each of our words and of our actions, we feed Forces. Discipline will be the key word during this awakening and the fulfilment of our missions for those who came to assist during this phase. And those who will be scared facing the work will be set aside quickly. This is not a game - Even though we are sometimes encouraged to play from time to time. But we do not play because we do not take our role and responsibilities seriously, but for the vibration of lightness. Heaviness is constraining, lightness is liberating. And lightness must never be the equivalent of "carelessness". These are two completely different and opposed vibrations. Carelessness and naivety can no longer prevail in a Universe that was invaded by forces and civilisations who fed off of it for thousands of years. A sovereign individual who has recovered its full power is an individual who knows to say NO.

Because what humanity needs to learn the most today, is to learn to say NO. Many came to incarnate in this time period to awaken humans to the possibility of saying NO. Reminding them, they can say NO. Reminding them their own Power. Love must always rhyme with Firmness. True Consciousness does not accept anything.

True consciousness knows to have compassion for those who lost their way, or chose to take another, but all the while knowing to set boundaries to the unacceptable by longing to be the guardians of Creation and of Life.

And if the world ended up where it is today, it because humans have said YES for too long. And many will say "But we did not say Yes! We did not have a CHOICE". But the absence of making a choice, constitutes a choice in itself. A repeated absence of making a choice constitutes a DECISION.

What decision do we make on a daily basis, thinking their are not conscious choices? Or thinking... "We will take care of it later" ?"When we will have more time or more money" ? Thinking "We are too young, too old, too weak, not enough this, not enough that?" . What we must understand is that everybody will have to go through this. Everybody will have to awaken to the true Nature of this Universe. So we either start right now to free ourselves from the chains we let them put on us, or we take those chains with us in our future incarnations. Physical death does not solve ANY problem. We do not at all change our level of consciousness when we die. The main goal of the physical incarnation is precisely to be able to evolve, heal, rehabilitate and accomplish things we could absolutely not accomplish on other planes. We NEED the physical incarnation in this Universe to restore the different distortions operated in our different bodies and upon this planet in general. Therefore those who instilled the idea that the physical incarnation equals an inferiority compared to the other planes (or that any being incarnated in matter is inevitably not awakened) are still in the distortion and have not understood the true process of Ascension and the role of those who came to incarnate in this matrix voluntarily to prevent the worst from happening (the destruction of the planet).

It is then essential to see our physical body as the vehicle that allows us to come accomplish this work upon Earth and to be present within this 3rd dimension, and to be able to live upon this planet. Only the coherence between a balanced physical body and a Consciousness vibrating at the frequency of Harmony can give the individual the vital life force needed to gain clarity, lucidity, stability and mastery that we are asked to develop down here, for the greater good of Humanity at large.

Harmony must be at the heart of our tools now in order to clearly discern for which forces an individual strives (consciously or unconsciously). The benevolent and spiritually advanced civilisations vibrate Harmony, the civilisations who have spread distortion down here and elsewhere in the Universe and who are not striving for Life, but for Anti-Life, do not vibrate Harmony.

Harmony, Coherence and Alignment must be 3 of the goals on which we must focus. If we pretend to be something and we truly act as the opposite, if we pronounce disgraceful words, criticise, spread lies, if we do things that are not aligned with our soul and with our greatest good and with the greatest good of humanity, then we are neither in Harmony, nor coherence, nor alignment. And God knows how much those 3 principles are often not followed by humans, including in so-called "spiritual" communities.

But if the amount of work seems impossible sometimes, it is crucial to take the first step, towards our own emancipation. By taking the first step, we drop the barriers of the ego which had constrained us for too long in his prison and put us under control. To accept to become vulnerable again, to be in the place of the apprentice, to need help, to need to understand are no small feat for the disconnected humans under the influence of their negative ego. And yet, it will be the one and only way for them be born again to what they truly are. Oftentimes the old must collapse before the new can be rebuilt.

Like so, if you are currently going through this phase where all that is old is collapsing (your personality, your bearings, your beliefs, your relationships, friends, family, partner, work...) and you feel like "everything is collapsing", like you are no longer in control of anything, and you do not understand what is happening, what you did to deserve this and how you will overcome it... rest assured. This passing phase is a "normal" phase, it is the dark night of the soul, it is the death of the negative ego, and it is the dismantling of the programming to leave place to the reconstruction upon much healthier foundations.

Nothing can equal the feeling of LIFE that goes through all of our cells once we are reconnected to Who We Are.

Sovereign, Free, Conscious beings Creators of our Reality, of service to the Greater Good, to Harmony, to Beauty and to Consciousness.

Laura Marie - May 2016 Newsletter - Matrix Deprogramming - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie from the Harmonic Universe Academy:

- Déprogrammation Matricielle:

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