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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - June 2017

Today, many humans are awakening to the reality of extra-terrestrial's presence, the reality of the existence of more advanced, ancient civilisations whom have lived upon the Earth, the reality of the various global manipulations that took place for thousands of years, as well as that of the current vibrational Ascension process being operated at an even faster pace since 2012.

Meanwhile, mass manipulations, collective consciousness programming and the attempts at manifesting chaotic future realities proliferate, while confusion spreads amongst the human civilisation who no longer knows how to discern true from false, good from bad, when being faced with this mass of information suddenly made available by expanding technologies.

To truly understand how humanity could become a "victim" of such things, and for this long, it is important to first understand our past (our true History), as well as all the methods used to infiltrate the human psyche in the way it was infiltrated, creating the dramatic consequences we are now witnessing upon Earth: disrespect for Life, destruction of natural resources, the quest for Power and domination, sexual misery and division between feminine and masculine, absence of spirituality or on the opposite the idolisation of spiritual figures, control and enslavement by religions, victimisation of the people by its abusive leaders, paedophiles and psychopaths, idolisation of celebrities, vicarious living through television and the movie industry programming minds on a daily basis, the quest for distraction, comfort and entertainment rather than the developing of one's Consciousness through spiritual work.

There are laws in the Universe, much different from human laws. When these Universal Laws are not respected, it generates energetic consequences that will need to be rebalanced.

Humanity remained ignorant of these laws and was disconnected from its true cosmic nature, and was thus in constant breaching of these laws, without even being aware of it. Also ignorant of the Law of Consent, humans do not understand to what extent they "consent" to what has been and what is still being done to them.

By way of its ignorance, every day, humanity consents to allow these actions against the divine laws and the highest moral values to be perpetrated, which is how humans kept on being subjected to their karmic consequences upon reincarnation, being continuously recycled into this hyperdimensional control matrix. Indeed, even though more and more humans are awakening to the control systems in which humanity is locked, and to the political, financial, military or Health scandals, very few are yet aware of the multidimensional nature of the artificial matrix systems (spreading out beyond the 3D) that were created by various extra-terrestrial races and inter-dimensional entities.

Manipulation upon Earth does not stop to that which is only visible in the 3rd dimension and orchestrated before our eyes by human puppets carrying out specific agendas (those we commonly call : the cabal, the illuminati, the shadow government, the new world order, ...); but in fact takes root into invisible dimensions, through occult societies, and more specifically through those we may call : cosmic predators, also commonly called the Archons, who work with some of the military-industrial complex's factions. Humans are indeed, far from being on top of the "food chain" as they tend to believe.

These extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional and interdimensional races work like parasites who are deprived of any connection to the divine as a consequence to their own choices which makes them unable to produce their own energy, and thus need to feed off of energy sources residing within the colonies they invade.

Like so, Humanity is used as a giant source for food, mainly energetic, for these parasitic entities who fear neither god nor man and use the naivety, ignorance, denial and fears of human beings, but most importantly, abuse humans' direct or distorted consent so as to use them physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Before going further in the investigation of the techniques used by these forces in order to obtain the distorted consent of humans so as to perpetrate their own agendas, it is important to note that all of this is shared obviously, not to instigate fear, but on the contrary to help as many human beings as possible to free themselves and regain their sovereignty, through gaining an Awareness of what is really going on. Indeed, only ignorance can keep us enslaved. Knowledge is liberating, and our own power lies within our ability to understand and identify what is really happening, beyond the illusions, in every situation, so as to be equipped with the most efficient solutions to act upon. When we are solely aware of a single part of the spectrum of reality, then our decisions and choices are also limited. We can then have the impression of being "happy" or even "awakened" (as is often the case in the deception and disinformation programs of the New Age created by those very entities), when the true re-awakening comes with the courage to face all aspects of reality, as ugly and negative they may be. The true awakening is painful, as it inevitably implies immense disillusions, that few are ready to face.

True self-control and spiritual maturity lie in the absolute knowledge of the spiritual war taking place multidimensionally and for which Earth is one of the main battle field.

This learning must be done with as much emotional neutrality as possible (no violent anger nor hate), and especially, avoiding to sink into low frequencies of fear or paranoia which would cause the opposite of the vibrational elevation through Consciousness that is now necessary for the human civilisation's ascension. Fear is but the temporary or sustained forgetting of our true nature and cosmic power as divine beings connected to the Source and surrounded with spiritual guides and positive cosmic forces, who are supporting us - as long as we have done enough work of dismantling of our negative ego in order to resolve any conflict of authority between our soul and our ego, and we are clear in our intention to serve our highest divine potential and fulfil our spiritual mission. This energetic power, reflected in the power of our intentions as creator beings through thoughts and Vibration, is the target of these forces who are doing everything their power so that we forget it.

Today, we are asked to reconnect to this true power, to understand what was done to humanity, what are our individual and collective responsibilities, to learn to say no and to do so in emotional neutrality, and above all, to learn to discern what serves life and what destroys it, in order to straighten the trajectory of the future of Humanity and of the entire Cosmos.

10 techniques used to obtain humanity's consent.

We will now go over each of the main forms of consent humanity gives away in an individual or collective manner, consciously or unconsciously. It is important for each one of us to ask ourselves : for each of these points, to what extent am I consenting to and to what extent am I engaging in this negative agenda of Anti-Life in my daily life? An honest introspection is required in order to understand and thus adjust our direct or diverted consent.

1) Consent to domination / tyranny (versus respect of freedom and sovereignty, balance and harmony).

By accepting to be lead / influenced by psychopathic, non-empathic beings who do not have our best interest at heart and are driven by a thirst for power and domination, we consent to the reality upon Earth being one of tyranny and war, and so, for thousands of years. 

Voting in itself is consenting to accepting this system of tyranny and domination. When we vote for a candidate, we consent first, to be governed, secondly, to everything this candidate has done or will do (all the decisions they will make) as we "validate" them with our vote (even if this is caused by the illusion we were presented with, that "we do not have a choice"). We must constantly choose the lesser of two evils, without thinking there is a third choice : to choose neither of them. 

On other planes, the archons use this consent to then render humanity responsible for what it is subjected to, without having to endure the karmic consequences themselves. 

Therefore, it is important to ask ourselves : In what way do we contribute to perpetuating this system of tyranny? Do we personally have tyrannical behaviours or do we try to dominate others? When do we also accept tyranny in our lives (through a partner, a workmate, a family member, a boss...)? 

How could we embody respect of the freedom and sovereignty of each one of us, as well as balance and Harmony? 

2) Consent to victimisation (versus individual and collective responsibility).

The next logical step to consenting to domination and tyranny, is consenting to victimisation. When we complain about the government, when we blame others for our own inability to create our reality, when we accept programming of poverty and misery within our consciousness, we do not take our individual and collective responsibility, and hide behind this "victim" status that is promoted by society and these forces who may therefore abuse individuals who have forgotten they create their reality at every moment, with more ease. 

Not taking our responsibilities (being irresponsible) is a sign of spiritual immaturity and it is only when we take our individual and collective responsibility towards what "happens" to us in our lives, that we can truly free ourselves, through an Awareness of the infiltration processes of those archontic forces, through shedding a light on our own weaknesses and through healing our wounds. 

3) Consent to the manipulation of Religions (versus knowledge of our true cosmic History and identification of mass manipulation / indoctrination systems).

All religions were created and have been infiltrated by the Archons, without exception, including the New Age religion. They all use truths that were brought by beings who wanted to help humanity but whose messages were infiltrated and distorted so as to turn them into controlling tools of the human civilisation. No benevolent God could ask for the sacrifice of anyone, for murder or war, or for any poverty or chastity vow. The archons consider themselves gods and have manipulated the true history of humanity, in order to indoctrinate humans into beliefs systems that would later create their distorted reality. 

The knowledge of our true cosmic nature, through serious work of research and spiritual reconnection is what will enable us to identify any form of mass indoctrination.

4) Consent to division (versus Union / Unity in spiritual maturity).

Borders, bound countries, racism, opposition of genders, physical or social discrimination : When we accept to support what divides rather than what unites, we then consent to the damage caused upon humanity, dividing it horizontally and vertically. The body is separated from the Spirit / Soul, men are separated from women, blacks from whites, Christians from Muslims, etc. Everything that participated in the division of human beings came from the Archons and their widely used methods of : divide and conquer. 

Now is the time for Unity, but be careful, Unity does not mean accepting everything. Today we must learn to embody Unity, all the while knowing how to draw healthy boundaries with everything that intends on destroying Life, far from naivety that is contrary to spiritual maturity. 

When do we accept to participate in the division of human beings through our actions, words and thoughts? Are we vehicles for ill-speaking on others? Are we trying to encourage others or criticise them? Do we feel nourished when we take part in whichever form of attack of other human beings? If so, then we must become aware that in those moments we are partially or completely taken over by these forces who feed on these energies and promote them within groups of humans. Conflict, division, ego dramas are the most used tools for harvesting human beings' energy losses. 

How may I become a vehicle that supports the genuine union of humans rather than division?

How may I learn to communicate in a kinder way, with more benevolence and respect of others, trying to put myself in their position, all the while maintaining healthy boundaries and respecting myself? 

How can I develop my spiritual maturity so as to no longer be used as a vehicle to attack other live being?

5) Consent to abuse, cruelty, violence (versus respect for all of Life forms).

When ignoring, whether intentionally or unintentionally, when in denial or inaction in front of abusive behaviours, cruelty and/or violence being perpetrated on Earth, especially if away from our sight, that take place while we are focused on ourselves and drowned in entertainment and distraction, we consent to these actions and behaviours. Likewise, if we choose to listen to New Age programming that were created by the Archons so as to disinform and trick as many awakening souls as possible - through their absence of discernment and naivety - having us believe that "looking at the negative feeds the negative"; then, by escaping or deliberate intention of denial and looking away from other live beings being abused, we consent to the perpetuating of these forces' behaviours. 

To this day, the majority of human beings still refuse to face the truth on all these atrocities that are still being perpetrated on this planet, such as genital mutilations, forced marriages, child and human trafficking, paedophilia, war crimes, and the reality of satanic sacrifices and ritual abuses within the elites, celebrities / Illuminatis and religious institutions. 

As well, many human beings still refuse to acknowledge the slaughter and abuse of animals perpetrated for the food, fashion and pharmaceutical industries, even when the information is brought to their attention, where each year 60 billions of land animals and 1000 billions of marine animals are brutally slaughtered. Is this a sign for a conscious civilisation? This is not about falling for the extreme opposite either, and focusing only on the negative, running the risk of sinking into very low frequencies of despair and powerlessness. But the opposite stands true : to solely focus on positive is a distorted vision of reality and a dangerous one contributing to create immature and fragile human beings who might, out of naivety or denial, be used and manipulated in this dimension or others. 

We must learn to be aware of the 2 spectrums of polarities : positive and negative, in a balanced and neutral way. And thanks to this knowledge and awareness, we can then make the conscious choice of mastering of our energies and of maintaining a higher vibration. We can very well be fully aware of what is really going on upon the Earth and in the Universe in terms of cosmic and spiritual war, and at the same time maintain a high vibration. It is once again the true definition of a conscious and spiritually mature being. 

When do we choose denial and escape rather than facing difficulties? When do we consciously turn our backs on other beings in distress? When we buy a pack of meat, are we aware that it is indeed a piece of an animal who, few days prior, was still alive? When have we consciously chosen denial even though the information was brought to our attention, and have instead kept our previous choices, so as to maintain a narrative of illusion? Are we vehicles through which sometimes violence and abuse come through? Do we accept violence and abuse in our relationships, whichever they may be (partner, family, work, etc.)? 

6) Consent to sexual misery programming (versus considering the sexual act as a sacred act of Love and the incarnation of divine feminine and masculine).

Pornography, defiling of women, paedophilia, sex trafficking, prostitution, destruction of the family nucleus, swinging partners, promiscuity, sexual slavery, sexual intercourse not based on energetic resonance but rather on low urges of the inferior chakras, inversion of pleasure centres confusing pain with pleasure (sadomasochism) which is a satanic practice, satanic ritual abuses upon children... It is crucial today to open our eyes on the reality of sexual misery prevailing within the human civilisation. Sexual misery programming have been intentionally instilled throughout the Earth by those forces and civilisations who are patriarchal themselves, and sexually deviant and abusive, as well as satanic. The problem is not sex in itself, but the energies that drive us during a sexual intercourse or a sexual thought. Is it a divine energy of Love, of vibrational and spiritual resonance with the other individual? Of communion between two beings that love one another? If not, then it becomes an intercourse that will be used to satisfy deviances and agendas of low frequency entities, which will siphon this sexual energy and contribute to the sexual misery programming seeded throughout the Earth. If in our urges, fantasies and desires, we are appealed by degrading, abusive and violent practices, we then directly consent to satanism and all forces related, which is where these practices fully stem from.

During disconnected intercourse of human beings, the sexual energy is drained by those entities who created systems via all forms of etheric implants, so as to harvest sexual energies thusly used and released without conscience. The majority of human beings are entirely disconnected from what is a true divine sexual intercourse and get pulled into all sorts deviances and addictions, which have all been created so as to siphon energy from the targeted individual, or to experience in matter the deviances of disembodied entities.

How do we consent to sexual misery programs? (You may read an article illustrating the processes of programming the masculine psyche so as to make him a predator rather than a protector of the feminine : 7 reasons so many guys don't understand sexual consent).

Are we consenting to pornography? Do we hum to songs by celebrities embodying or praising sexual misery, as well as the destruction of divine feminine and masculine? Do we accept to perpetuate macho, misogynist and feminist patterns? Do we have sexual addictions? Do we play unhealthy games of seduction? The predator vibration underlying in all of these patterns is but the satanic vibrational signature of the Archons.

How can I honour my genital organs and my body and put my sexuality of service to my spirituality and the fulfilment of my highest divine potential today, without blaming or making myself feel guilty about what I did not know before? How can I incarnate more and more my divine feminine and my divine masculine, and honour this divine act of Love between two beings on the same vibrational frequency, uniting to be of service to Beauty, Love and Harmony?

7) Consent to being poisoned / intoxicated (versus the freedom to feed on organic foods and healthy elements).


Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, heavy metals, chemistry, nanotechnology, vaccines... With sentences such as : "We're all gonna die of something" ... "Uh, if can't do anything anymore?" ... "It makes me feel good to smoke / take drugs / drink, it helps me unwind"... "You are no fun"... (which are programming that were previously seeded through movies and celebrities, that are used to make these behaviours seem trivial as well as glorifying everything that destroys human beings); human beings then consent to be intoxicated and accept it wilfully (like for instance the packs of cigarettes where it is written "Smoking Kills").

How can I choose a healthier lifestyle that is more respectful of my body and of nature? How can I change the reality of this world by making different choices, using my power as a conscious consumer? Is what I consume the representation of the world I want to see? What degree of respect and gratitude do I have towards being lucky to be alive and how can I honour this even more?

8) Consent through media / movie and music industry (versus identifying all forms of illusion and of mental programming).

The Archons feed on all form of idolatry / adulation and of worship. Therefore, by idolising an actor, a celebrity, a singer, we consent to give our power and our energy to entities feeding off of them. From the moment something becomes obsessive, we are no longer in self-control and thus there are significant energetic leakages and infiltrations of entities taking advantage of this opening. Some human beings live entirely vicariously, which is to say they have completely forgotten their spiritual mission, so as to spend their life idolising someone they probably will never meet and who is most likely being used by entities so as to siphon adulation energies from humans, to influence masses, maintain them in the illusion and distract them from their true spiritual path.

Today on Earth, celebrities have more impact and popularity than any Nobel price and the majority of young individuals do not wish to become doctors or teachers, but aspire to become "famous". Social medias have exacerbated this "disease" which contributes to making more and more human beings reliant on other people's opinion and living in a more and more virtual reality.

The music and movie industry contributes each day to mentally program billions of humans with their utmost consent since they freely go watch these movies or listen to this music. The creative power of humans is being used to manifest chaotic potential futures by projecting disaster movies in their psyche, so as to make them collectively manifest these realities through visualisation and thoughts that are connected to fear. Those entities are unable to directly manifest a reality in the 3D, therefore they must use unconscious physical vehicles to fulfil their agendas. Human beings, happy with a bag of popcorn, are comfortably sat in front of their mind control programming and later go back to their homes debating over who was the most physically attractive actor. Meanwhile, their consent to what they were shown was gained, and the energies they released when experiencing all the various emotions that were purposely triggered during the movie, have been harvested by those same entities.

Although be careful, this does not mean every single movie is negative, but most of them are used to mentally program human beings in order to gain their consent by showing them in advance future agendas or the reality of their world so they accept it, or so as to feed off of their emotions and divert them from their spiritual path into entertainment and ego matters.

Nowadays, we present "best actors" with Oscars which means in our current society putting on an act is more rewarded than than being authentic. Illusion is encouraged and glorified. Is this really the world we want to live in? Besides, most high ranking celebrities are what we call Illuminatis : which means that in order to reach such levels, they have consented to "sell their soul to the devil", to participate in satanic rituals and to endure them, as well as making deals with various entities with all the souls offered in exchange of gaining glory and fame. These are no myths, a great deal of resources and testimonies are now available on this reality and it is up to everyone's responsibility to investigate these serious matters, given that these individuals are amongst the most influential people in the human collective. These souls are then possessed, fragmented and used to mentally program human beings, perverting them, destroying the divine feminine / divine masculine within them, alluring them into debauchery, the absence of moral values, addictions, and most of the time making them consent to satanism. The most known and used mind control programming for the majority of the celebrities is called the MK Ultra and it is strongly recommended to do some research on the topic, in order to become responsible individuals and aware of what is going on in the movie and music industry, and so as to no longer support it through distorted consent.

Am I aware of what I am singing when I hum a song? Which consent am I giving away when I thoughtlessly repeat lyrics which I don't even always understand the meaning of? Am I aware that music is used to penetrate my brain via some frequencies / waves, so that later different entities and mind control programming can penetrate my consciousness?

Once again, vibrational discerning, the knowledge of these realities and the identification of all forms of illusion and of mind programming is key to no longer being manipulated / deceived, and to reclaim our power, so as to choose only movies and music that inspire us towards our highest divine potential.

9) Consent to false light / New Age deception (versus vibrational discernment).

When in denial, naivety or ignorance of the New Age manipulations / deceptions, we consent to being fooled by entities of false light (false ascended masters, false angels, false positive E.T.s, etc.) and agents of disinformation : spiritual gurus used to bait awakening souls into the New Age and false light webs, ufology experiencers claiming abductions are positive, that implants are positive, or worse even : that there are no negative extra-terrestrial, and encourage calling upon UFOs and seeking E.T.s encounters, or that hybridisation with those races is our duty so as to help them; where in fact their goal is to eventually possess the entire body of human beings through genetic modification and transhumanism.

In what way do we consent to being fooled? Have we genuinely completely opened our eyes to the New Age manipulations? Do we really understand what is at stake? Are we in denial of the existence of all of this, without having done extended researches on the matter nor having experienced those fields sufficiently?


Does our fear of being disillusioned outweigh our will to sincerely discover the truth?

Vibrational discernment is gained through constant spiritual work, and withdrawal from all sorts of denial or fear of being disillusioned is essential. Vibrational discernment is the ability to discern a current, a force, an energy going through an individual, a sentence, a book... In these days, most human beings solely discern with their physical eyes (I see Jesus or Archangel Michael appearing in my dream, so it is them). However, those entities are able to take up any physical appearance, to control our mind, our dreams, and even to orchestrate false synchronicities in our lives. Like so, it is crucial that we develop our vibrational discernment, so as to learn to see beyond appearances and to feel, through our bodies, the vibrational signature behind everything we see. This implies a great work of spiritual maturity, spiritual liberation, and spiritual healing, that will require discipline, strength and courage to follow our own inner voice and our own soul's intuition as we experience the Ascension symptomsOnce we have informed ourselves on the negative E.T.'s presence and their interferences, manipulations of free will and deception techniques, we can regain our true power to say no, as well as our power of creation of our reality and the mastery of our vibrations, so as to no longer give our energy to that which attempts to parasitize us, and in order to be able to dedicate ourselves entirely to the fulfilment of our spiritual mission.

10) Consent to transhumanism (versus identification of the processes of disconnection of human beings from their divine / organic nature).

The transhumanism threat is a serious reality and it is imperative to understand it so as not to give our consent to this attempt of complete disconnection of human beings from its organic and divine nature.

Reptilian, Draco civilisations and greys races are extremely developed technologically but not spiritually, despite the helping hands many times offered in the past to help them rehabilitate. Each time help was offered to them in the past, they have abused the generosity of benevolent races to then manipulate or exterminate them. Today, we can not make the same mistakes again and we must be very careful with our empathy and especially with our naivety, which will be used against us if we are not sufficiently mature or if we do not have sufficient vibrational discernment. Artificial intelligence is a creation of the archons, which little by little comes decimating everything on its path, re-writing over the divine organic programs. These extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional races whom exist in dimensions invisible to the naked eye for most humans, manipulate our etheric bodies via all sorts of artificial intelligence implants which we must now understand. The enticement techniques towards the masses for the infiltration of artificial intelligence are increasing in number, human beings are getting used to and accepting more and more technology intrusions within their lives. Technology in itself is not something negative, but in the hands of people ignorant of the multidimensional spiritual war operating upon Earth and in the Universe, and not being able to discern for themselves when an "idea" comes from their soul or when it is instilled by these forces, it becomes extremely dangerous.

What is the place for technology in my life? Has it slowly replaced my true interactions with other human beings? Do I spend time outside, in nature, with other live beings? Or am I stuck inside in front of my computer, my gaming console, my television or my smartphone, living a virtual life?

Awareness of what is really going on, in a multidimensional way, is the only thing that will enable human beings to cease to give their direct or indirect consent to what destroys or aims at destroying them. This information may seem heavy for those just embarking upon their awakening path, or for those only slowly beginning to leave New Age indoctrinations so as to awaken to the true reality on the Earth, as well as the cosmic reality. It is advised to respect our own pace of integration of this information and most of all, to never blame ourselves and be kind to ourselves if we have difficulties to understand certain things today. Lets take the time to understand, through our work, our good will and our experiences. The most important is always our intention.

Our enthusiasm to learn should always outweigh our fears of not knowing. Today, information is available and as soon as we clearly intend on discovering the truth, it will be shown to us. But it implies, once again, great courage, a will to cease being in denial and accepting being greatly disillusioned, which does not mean to loose any joie de vivre.

Today, I have never been so aware of the reality of our World, following many years of personal spiritual work. Yet, I have never been as spiritually fulfilled, happy and aligned, as I am today. Why? Because the majority of human beings associate ignorance with bliss, and illusion with lightness. Those who talk about love and light matters are glorified, and those attempting to unveil what was perpetrated for too long away from our sights are vilified.

But today, the veils are being lifted and each time a veil is lifted, thousands of souls are liberated, as they are finally seen.

Silence kills. The unspoken kills.

Denial kills.

Time is no longer to metaphors, but to clear and precise statement of all that has been done to humanity. And the more we are to dare exposing those accountable and their actions, the more curtains will be drawn, and after the shock of disillusion, will come the time for reconstruction.

Many of us came for it. To initiate this massive lift of the veil, and to assist with this gradual reconstruction, upon new foundations and in agreement with the Universal Laws.

The problem never was the negative polarity in itself, which also has a right to exist. The problem is when the 2 polarities are completely unbalanced, as was the case in this Universe, and so for thousands of years.

Today, in the cosmos, it is time for a return to balance and equity.

These forces have interfered with the divine right of all beings to evolve spiritually, purposely maintaining humanity ignorant, hiding it from the Universal Laws it falls under, as well as its true cosmic identity. Today, human beings have a right to know what they endured, who committed those crimes, and is in its right to find again its true power, so as to be able to want to put it again of service to LIFE.

Laura Marie - June 2017 Newsletter – The Law of Consent - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa of Sovereign · Planet.


Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy:

La Loi du Consentement :


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