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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - October 2016

There are many of us currently experiencing what we call Ascension symptoms. Many of us have indeed gone through a spiritual awakening more or less recently, mainly since December 2012 an important date setting the end of the old paradigm at a cosmic level, as the grid for soul confinement that was put in place by certain Extra-terrestrial factions hoping to maintain humanity in ignorance of its true cosmic and multidimensional nature, was lifted thanks to the effort of all those who, on Earth and in the Cosmos, worked for it to finally happen. This "end of the World" phase announced by numerous ancient civilisations and great prophecies is the phase we are currently experiencing on Earth today. It is the end of the ancient World as we have known it so far, and even if this shift is not blatantly visible yet and on all of the planet's continents, the emancipation of Humanity through Consciousness is gaining ground a little more every single day.

Indeed, up until now, humans were stuck in a consciousness only expending through 3 dimensions (the first 3 chakras), which prevented them from perceiving reality beyond their 5 physical senses. "I believe only what I see" were and still are the thoughts and words of the majority of humans still confined within the restricted spectrum of the 3rd dimension.

Spiritual awakening, as opposed to what is often promoted in New Age teachings, that do not contribute to making individuals spiritually mature, nor aware of the true difficulty and nature of the real awakening, is not this state of "bliss" where we simply realise "we are not this physical body", "we are all one" and "we must go beyond duality", thus suddenly rejecting everything akin to "negative" and not taking any kind of stance, falling into denial of what is really going on on the Earth and in the Cosmos thus becoming imprisoned within the new enforced beliefs. These concepts though based upon truths are incomplete, and many distortions within spiritual teachings have been purposefully spread on Earth via different means and channels in order to draw as many humans and lightworkers as possible towards inaction, confusion and disinformation once humanity's collective reawakening phase was engaged so as to prevent them not only from reaching their real Ascension and thus Liberation, but also to prevent the souls that came upon Earth to assist in this Liberation through Consciousness process from fulfilling their respective missions.

To find out more about what the Ascension process is, you can read the article Planetary Ascension here.

Without any context to explain what we are going through in this period of our spiritual awakening and Ascension, we can feel isolated, alone, lost, or even in a state of depression. Many of us do not necessarily have people in their circle to talk to about all of this, feel very lonely, and can even be going through dreadful internal sufferings. They might then think they have a "problem" when arriving in those spiritual communities, where everybody only wishes to talk about "joy" and where everyone seems happy and suddenly insensitive to the suffering of others and of the World, hearing sentences such as : "It's their karma", or "it's because they do not have a high vibration". Deep within us, those words do not seem right but we think this might be what it is to be "spiritual", so we try hard to behave like a "spiritual" being, so to say : to not get angry anymore, not be touched by the suffering of others (especially if geographically far away), to acquire a spiritual appearance, to take up a way of speaking always sounding "spiritual". But oddly, inside, we still feel that emptiness and incomprehension of the "why".

Examples of inner inquiry:

Why has humanity gotten to this stage? All these atrocities, it does not make sense, why?

Why do I still feel like I have to do something for the World? Like I have this mission I can not explain? Why do I feel touched by the suffering of others, why do I feel all these things internally when thinking about all the global manipulation, about the lies perpetuated upon this planet, about paedophilia, about sexual slavery, about the slaughters of animals, about the disconnection of humans through technology, about the wars and the indoctrination of education, society and religion?

Why am I this much drawn to the matters of Extra-terrestrial presence and why when I read certain things I feel within me this calling for the search of Truth and I have this idea I should not hold to these ancient teachings, which are no longer sufficient for the comprehension of what is really going on on Earth in this phase of cosmic disclosure, and of gradual awakening to the existence of other civilisations inhabiting our Earth, our other dimensions and other planets and Universes?

Today, humans are urged to withdraw from all the dogmas, beliefs, and programming in order to become again truly sovereign beings. The expending of consciousness upon the reality of extra-terrestrial presence, is an even more painful awakening than the initial phases of "spiritual awakening", where we awaken to the enjoyable concepts of "unconditional love", "Unity" and "advent of the new paradigm" where suffering and darkness would disappear, as if by magic.

We know very well this process will not happen overnight and we will have to go through phases of darkness maybe even more dense, before light truly falls into place - but we can notice how swiftly Consciousness and Truth are infused upon the planet a little more every day. The souls who volunteered to come to assist in this crucial phase of emancipation of as many humans as possible through teaching them the Ascension ways and Universal Laws are reactivating as well every day a little more, thanks to the work of their cosmic brothers and sisters whom have paved the way to prepare this final phase we are experiencing today.

Indeed those on the path of Ascension will experience within the same incarnation the restrictions of a 3D consciousness and the awakening to their true cosmic nature. We will know a humanity before and after this cosmic liberation from the forces who enslaved it since its beginnings. A before and an after the cosmic disclosure to Humanity that it is not alone in the Universe and it is co-existing with a legion of other extra-terrestrial and interdimensional races.

Of course, this disclosure will not happen neither smoothly nor in transparency or in the absence of disinformation and manipulations. Which is the reason why many incarnated to teach, guide and spread the Truth on the cosmic situation so as to enable human beings to have alternative information than those presented by their persecutors.

When one wants to maintain a civilisation under control, one always turns things to their advantage and makes sure to hold and control any official means of communication with the human race. We are currently at war for information, but also at war for disinformation, since facing this advancement of Consciousness and Truth everything will be made to coerce individuals in numerous traps, false information, false predictions, false accusations and false promises in order to maintain them in this vibration of submission, powerlessness and deception in which humanity was submerged for so many years.

So, what are those symptoms we could be experiencing during this phase of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual mutation?

The 11 Ascension symptoms

1) Being under the impression of living in a "parallel reality".

We are still on the same planet and are yet still in the same places and maybe even still talking to the same people, but we do have the feeling that the reality is different. That we are both "actors" of our reality, but all the while at every moment "observers". We have the impression of being "in another dimension" and of observing the reality unfold before our eyes, as if we were watching a movie. We can even sometimes feel like nobody in this movie can see us when we walk in the streets - observing this theatre play in which we used to be but from which we have withdrawn. And if we had this feeling of not belonging to the World since childhood, this feeling has today increased a tenfold. We have the impression of "co-existing" with another reality, but being completely "outside" of this reality, belonging to the "background" but not really settled in it. We are "unplugged from the Matrix" and we are now free spirits. This feeling can be difficult to handle at first and could cause phases of depression and feelings of loneliness. But the more we keep on anchoring our true frequency, the more we attract other beings aligned with this frequency, and this feeling of loneliness will lessen alongside the creation of our new reality, based upon our ascending frequency.

2) The feeling of having found again our true nature.

All of our lives, we have tried to be someone we were not. As children, we have done anything we could to destroy this innocence and this purity within us that was ridiculed so much. As adults, we have done anything we could to fit into the boxes society had ready for us, thinking this was the only way to survive within a society where free spirits do not belong and are this rejected. Looking for love and acceptance, we lied to and betrayed ourselves many times, pretending to be someone we were not, striving to hide our true values of which we were ashamed. As Justice, Kindness, Purity, Authenticity, the quest for Beauty and Harmony are not the most popular behaviours in a society disconnected from its soul. And we have done everything to choke these within us, maybe even to the point of forgetting them ourselves. But since our awakening, our reactivation, and understanding of what is happening upon Earth, it is as if everything we have been suppressing so much for decades, could finally surface again, because we give ourselves permission to be what we are without shame nor excuses. We have understood that the acceptance of others would never be worth being aligned with our soul.

3) The will to be of Service.

An individual on the Ascension path can not be in a purely egoistical conception of his existence.

The very meaning of life is precisely to be able to contribute, in any way possible, to the well-being of other forms of life.

An ascending individual no longer craves to live for himself. He is not appealed to the different illusions presented to the humans' eyes so that they do not hear what their soul whispers to them.

He has the desire to leave the Earth in a better state than how he discovered it.

He has the desire to use himself as a domino that will tilt the balance towards Harmony, Consciousness and Truth.

4) A desire to fulfil our mission.

An ascending individual is aware that he is not on Earth "accidentally", and he has understood there is a reason behind his incarnation in this time period. He takes it very seriously, even though he understands the seriousness of his mission should never make him a being with a heavy vibration.

He will learn, through his personal work to differentiate carefreeness and immaturity from a light vibration. As well as responsibility and maturity from a heavy vibration.

An ascending being makes the fulfilment of his mission a priority. It is his reason for living, his raison d'être, and nothing can satisfy this internal feeling of urgency but fulfilling the calling of his soul.

He has learnt to cultivate courage, since in a world so unconscious, he had to face judgements, meanness and humiliation, but nevertheless, he is still here and even when rolled in the mud he stands up again to accomplish the task he decided to accomplish even before his first breath on the planet.

And up until his last breath, he will fight for Consciousness and Truth, as well as for the Right of human beings to be free.

5) The need to be aligned with our soul.

An ascending being can no longer bear being misaligned with his true frequency. Through his personal work, he has learnt to feel the different vibrational frequencies running through him, and running through other physical vehicles. He has learnt to grow away from other people's opinion in order to dive into himself and to feel from deep within him, when he is aligned to his soul and his higher self. He does a constant work of vibrational discerning, to learn to identify when his thoughts are organic (coming from his soul) or inorganic (mental programming or of the subconscious, entity possessing, mind control, influences from the collective consciousness or the egregores). He is constantly looking for this state of balance within himself, having understood that he is responsible for his own vibration, and for the energetic consequences of choosing a thought, on himself and on the rest of the World.

He has the courage to reorganise his external life, so that it is aligned with his internal dimension. He no longer endures his reality, he creates it.

6) Identifying 3D behaviours and no longer being able to withstand operating from the inferior mind.

An ascending individual has done an effort of extraction from the collective consciousness (what we could image as "unplugging from the matrix"). As we saw above, he becomes actor, but also spectator of the movie of the 3D reality still being operated before his eyes. However, he no longer wishes to partake in the destructive patterns and the 3D programming (the most widespread and devastating one being the Victim / Victimiser program) that have lead humanity to where it is now.

His consciousness expending a little more every day, he instantly feels when he does not operate from his soul, but rather from his mental/ego, and when others around him go and speak to him from the limited spectrum of their mental/ego. Communication between these two radically opposed frequencies is then extremely difficult, sometimes even impossible, so much so the 2 individuals are not able to align on the same frequency. Besides, this is what we rightfully call "to not be on the same wavelength". This phrase is indeed very significant of what happens at a quantic level. The higher is our frequency, the more difficult and heavy in energetic consequences it is to attune to a lower frequency. This must in no way become a excuse to feel "superior", to become arrogant or disdainful towards what we estimate a "low frequency". But on the other hand, we must not either accept extended intrusion of frequencies that are toxic to us, without learning to set healthy boundaries to our vital sphere and to take care of it.

7) Sense of responsibility.

The ascending individual feels responsible for everything he thinks, says, or does. He has left this state of spiritual immaturity in which most humans live where they do not feel responsible at all for the energetic consequences of their thoughts, words, actions, or inactions. When an individual feels detached from other forms of life, he has not developed his faculty of empathy and thus does not sense within himself the consequences of his choices. However, at every moment, each one of our choices have an impact upon the entire Universe. It is only when humanity will have understood individually and collectively the importance of this reconnection to its higher self, of the reactivation of its DNA via a spiritual work, and thus, of the expansion of its empathy, that we will really be able to witness a true change of paradigm on Earth.

Only ignorance can allow apathy, psychopathy, abuse, exploitation, enslavement, lie and manipulation to persist.

An ascending individual is aware of the urgency of the situation and of the state of destruction the planet is in. He is connected with his brothers and sisters, humans or animals, even on the other side of the globe, even far from his eyes, and feels their suffering, even though himself can enjoy a free life. His own well-being never permits him to forget that somewhere, it is not the case for someone.

8) Spiritual Discipline.

An ascending individual does not consider spirituality as a hobby. He has understood that spirituality is not something you practice once a week in between 2 tennis lessons. But it is a state of consciousness, that must be permanent. To succeed in leaving the 3D and reactivating our DNA through personal work, implies a discipline few are ready to commit to. Many humans are still looking for an easy way and "external solutions" in order to make it to the idea of spirituality they were sold. The Ascension path must be taken up ourselves, and even if we can be guided along that path, nobody will be able to do the work for us. Thus, an ascending being does not let Men's or machines' promises pretending to bring results without any personal work needed entice him. At these times of profusion of "techniques" and "machines" to reactivate this or that, an ascending being knows to discern false promises from real and sincere guidance. He has trust in his own creative power, has understood he is not alone in this phase and that the most important for him is to cultivate his own connection with his higher self and his support teams, on other planes.

9) Spiritual Maturity.

An ascending individual, through his discipline and his sense of responsibility as a living being connected to the whole, gradually develops his spiritual maturity, and thus stands out from those who, thinking they are "awake", have however yet to understand their energetic responsibility. Most of the people still stuck in what we call the "astral ecstasy", developed in the article and podcast titled "Spiritual Liberation" [podcast not available in English, only article], jumble a lot of things, and for instance confuse "light vibration" with immaturity, or "emotional neutrality" with "apathy" or "inaction".

An ascending individual is aware of the importance of what is happening on Earth and of his incarnation, from an individual and a collective point of view. He is aware of the different forces inhabiting our Universe, and he is not, or no longer, in denial of what is "dark" or "negative". He has the courage to face the Truth, all of the Truth and not just what allows him to stay in his comfort zone. He accepts difficulty. He accepts his beliefs to be questioned. He is humble (which however does not mean he denigrates himself), and is aware of showing the example at every moment, for every human he encounters.

10) Moving beyond the New Age's "astral ecstasy".

This point is probably the most important. As unfortunately it is where most of the lightworkers are still trapped. The forces who started this war against Consciousness have placed "nets", "traps" on numerous stages upon the path of true Liberation. The New Age is highly infiltrated by those forces who have meticulously spread many distortions within it in order to create illusory ways towards Ascension. An ascending being must be aware of the reality of Extra-terrestrial presence, of manipulation and invasion of the astral plane in the same way as the 3D plane, as well as the invasion of the superior dimensions (up to the 11th dimension). An ascending being has moved away from the New Age beliefs stating that duality does not exist after the 5th dimension and that everything is rosy and nice in the invisible and after death; and he has precisely understood that, as of now, he must start learning to discern the different energies so as to be able to identify the different forces inhabiting the dimensions, in order to become spiritually mature, and able to fend for himself from psychic attacks, no longer being in the denial of their existence.

An ascending individual makes a priority of his vibrational discernment on his list of work to expand.

11) Sovereignty.

An ascending individual has become sovereign again. He no longer wishes to give his own power to a government, a boss, a society, an organisation, a member of his family, a spouse, an external God, a spiritual guru.

He has understood all living beings are extensions of God. However, some, through their behaviours, millions / billions of years ago, have disconnected themselves from God, from their soul, and have degenerated their genetics to the extent of being devoid of any empathy and even the will to rehabilitate themselves, striving for destruction, enslavement, control, and anti-Life.

An ascending individual, who has made his vibrational discernment a priority, does not let anybody control him. He has reclaimed his own power, creates his life and his reality, and chooses his thoughts in full awareness of their energetic impact upon his life and upon the rest of the World.

His newfound sovereignty, does not however place him in a position of aggressiveness, pride, ego power, nor feeling superior. On the contrary, he knows to stand within simplicity, authenticity and humility, so as to, all the while remaining sovereign, accept help or guidance that could be brought along by those who will be divinely placed on his path, to help him move forwards.

Sovereignty does not necessarily need to rhyme with individuality. We can all be sovereign, together, while holding hands.

There are a great many Ascension symptoms and of course this list is only a beginning in what we will be experiencing upon this path. A beginning already significant, and that requires a lot of work and discipline.

But what better reason for living could there be but that of becoming the best version of ourselves? That of becoming the divine being we are, except incarnated in this physical dimension? This is the true definition of Ascension. When everything was made to coerce human beings in religious or spiritual beliefs stating that matter should be disregarded and that spiritual elevation was the avoidance of our physical incarnation, and this in order to prevent humans from truly emancipating, and to make them leave their physical body prematurely without having fulfilled their missions; Today, it is time for humans to understand that it is through their physical bodies that they will free themselves and free the entire Humanity.

"Bringing the kingdom of God upon Earth" was not just a simple metaphor. What would happen if each individual became aware of the power of his physical vehicle and of all its abilities, once reactivated through spiritual work? If some animals have the ability to grow one of their limb or to change colour, what could that mean for humans if they reactivated 12 DNA strands instead of using 2 or 3 only?

Could this world function the way it functions today?

Could the individuals controlling it still do so?

Many of us know the answer to these questions already, and many of us came upon Earth precisely to show the way, lead by example, out of pure devotion and often sacrifice, leaving behind spheres where it was much easier to live.

But how can we live in peace when knowing that somewhere other beings are suffering, are imprisoned, tortured and slaughtered. Indifference is not the way of Creation. And when creation is threatened, it is our own duty to volunteer to joining in so as to re-establish Harmony.

Laura Marie - October 2016 Newsletter - Ascension Symptoms - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie from the Harmonic Universe Academy:

- Les Symptômes de l'Ascension:

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