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January 2018, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

In this phase of increasing integration of our higher consciousness into our physical reality (read also Soul Integration), many Humans now feel the need to get closer to other humans aligned with their life goals.

This personal yearning is what gave rise to wanting to create what we call "conscious communities", that is to say groups of humans uniting with a common goal: cooperation and mutual assistance.

The eagerness to contribute is an intrinsic quality of individuals who have begun a serious Ascension process and thus of Soul integration to their physical vehicle, aiming for personal spiritual expansion, but which will inevitably - if this spiritual expansion is organic, that is to say aligned with the Universal Laws - lead to wanting to feel useful for the Common Good, that is to say: to bring a positive contribution to the Great Whole.

It is when each individual brings their contribution, that a collective can flourish and expand.

Unfortunately, human society was purposefully divided, through various techniques, so that humans are lead to become individualist, self-centred beings, more concerned about taking rather than giving, the fear of lacking being also purposefully cultivated within the human race. Anything that is accomplished through fear, will not be in alignment with the Universal Laws and thus with our soul. Only that which is accomplished through the heart, and therefore from the highest divine quality, which is the ability to feel and give Love, is aligned to the Universal Laws, to the divine cosmic intelligence, which to say to the unifed field residing beyond any distortion and energetic manipulation.

The Service to Self races who are responsible for the disconnection of humans from their true divine nature and have interfered with their own genetics from the beginnings of their civilisations, are not able to feel what Love is, and act solely on the base of very low and anti-life frequencies of control, abuse, power, domination and manipulation. It is those values, or lack thereof more so, that have lead humanity in the state it currently is: entirely divided into multiple nations, cities, sports teams, religions, trends, ethnic groups, generations, social status, or even diplomas.

Because they are well aware that it is only through division and separation that the human race can be kept under control - for it becomes fragmented and thus energetically weakened - these races, responsible for the enslavement of humans and for the most part of the genocides and the greatest crimes against humanity, for human trafficking, sexual trafficking as well as the anti-life agendas of transhumanism, strive everyday to maintain these divisions working and efficient, triggering even more division when calm and Harmony begin to show up again.

Like so, humans are kept in a constant state of suspicion, despise and disconnection from their brothers and sisters, even though living on the same planet.

This is how the sphere of kindness of an "ordinary" human often does not extend beyond their own biological family... Is this normal? And most importantly, is this really what we want for the human race?

How are we going to awaken to the reality of several other extra-terrestrial and interdimensional races' presence, and be able to cooperate and unite with those who will have our best interests at heart, if we are not even able to be united within our own race, that is to say to strive for a common objective? To progress in the same direction, that of Harmony, of Kindness, of Cooperation and of personal responsibilisation?

Why do these values seem so utopian? Even though they are the universal values represented by the divine immutable Laws, beyond any mental nor human conception. Harmony is the base upon which the Universe, the Multiverse is built. If these principles were utopian or unrealistic, then nothing could exist in the Universe, for everything is based on these energetic Laws above all else, and before any manifestation in matter.

Only harmony allows for expansion of life form, whichever it is, as it is the symbiosis with the entire cosmos that allows for growth.

Being separated from the Universe is a constriction that does not allow for expansion, and will, sooner or later, lead to annihilation. This is how some races are going straight towards their own extinction, i.e. destruction, through not wanting to align to the true Divine Laws, they chose to defy instead, or duplicate with distorted replicas of reality, thinking they could replace God and create their own Laws.

This arrogance, a feature of the ego wilfully left at the reins of our vehicle, is at the opposite of the humility needed to align with the Universal - and not artifcial - Intelligence.


The goal of existence is not and never will be about superimposing our own will upon somebody else's.

The goal of existence is not and never will be about accumulating more external and material possessions so as to fill in an internal emptiness that can not be filled by anything but the integration of our soul and our own connection to the entire Cosmos.

Only when they reconnect to the field of life running through all those around them, can Humans truly get a taste for happiness. This happiness is not illusory, it is not temporary. It is eternal, and it enables us to maintain the inner peace needed throughout such a difficult incarnation seeing the extent of the distortion and the inverted values.

Collective Consciousness.

When we are alone, we are with our own consciousness. We are an individualised consciousness. But as soon as we become surrounded by other individuals, in other words by other individualised consciousnesses, we begin to form a group consciousness, that is a collective consciousness.

Each human being living on this planet is thus both an individual consciousness, but is also a part of the collective consciousness of the entirety of the human race.

Unfortunately, to this day, most humans still ignore their energetic responsibility within this collective consciousness, not even aware they belong to a group consciousness, including within their own family, group of friends or work colleagues.

This means we are not only responsible for all of our words, thoughts and actions, but also for their consequences upon the collective.

Each word, thought, action or non-action has a direct or indirect effect upon the entirety of the human race, and thus upon its destiny.

It is because humans are completely disconnected from the energetic consequences of their behaviours that they lead such individualistic and opportunistic lifestyles, never giving any attention to their attitudes and life choices.

"Karma" is not a religious nor philosophical belief... It is an energetic reality that amounts to the energetic recalibration of any and all usurpation or ignorance of the Universal Laws and the Law of One - that is of the Unity Consciousness, the awareness that everything is interconnected and that we are therefore directly responsible for all the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions upon the rest of the World and more generally of the Universe.


Karma does not come from a "god" punishing individuals for their sins, but from a universal self-balancing and self-adjusting cosmic intelligence.

Individual and collective responsibility.

Each living being is therefore responsible for energetically managing their own individual consciousness, and thus managing their own individual existence; but also for their intertwining with the collective consciousness and the impacts of their individual choices onto the collective.

When an individual chooses to serve their own personal interests (Service to Self) while intertwined with a collective consciousness, they then become a disservice to the collective and will endure the consequences of their choices and their repercussions, be it in this incarnation or the next one, depending on their own parameters, mission, previous karma and many other features specific to their own soul.

When an individual chooses to serve the interests of the collective, that is to say to be of Service to the Common Good (Service to Others), it shows for a certain level of personal spiritual evolution and thus of connection with the highest parts of themselves and of the Creation. The "rewards" of such choices, here again, are not given by an external "god", but are brought through by the Harmony and inner peace provided by being in alignment with the Universal Laws, since the Service to Other principle - all the while respecting our own individuality and honouring ourselves - is part of the foundations of these Laws.


So as to be able to reach the maturity for taking our responsibilities in every circumstances, even the most uncomfortable ones for our ego, we must strive strongly to acquire the personal coherence needed to be able to see our responsibility for the rest of the World.

The incoherent being will use blame, distraction, and the victim/victimizer programs so as to avoid taking their own responsibilities, thinking they might be able to "fool" the Universal Laws... (If we don't get found out, we don't get caught).

The cosmic intelligence can see beyond the illusions, the pretences and the avoidance of our own individual responsibility in this great Whole, as a living being.

Like so, we are not only responsible for everything we do in public, but also for everything we do and think in private, when no one is watching. Being coherent implies being authentic and not to play a role in society so as to fit the picture others would like to see of us as opposed to the true being we are.

Being coherent is saying something and doing it. Being coherent is being aligned with our soul and fulfil the path of our own sovereignty. The more coherence amongst the thoughts, words and actions of an individual there is, the higher their energetic and thus vibrational quality is, and so the better access they have to the higher dimensions of their own identity stations.

On the contrary, the less an individual is coherent, the more personal confusion they experience, and this confusion hinders their lucidity, discernment, and thus their own ability to navigate the various energies inhabiting the planet and more generally the Universe.

Coherence also has a direct impact upon self-confidence, since the more coherent we are, the more our choices are aligned with our soul, and the more our external quality is harmonious, becoming the mirror for our inner serenity, no matter the external chaos.

The lack of coherence, conversely, directs the being towards the low self-esteem descending spiral, leading to self-destruction and thus an open door to the infiltrations of the self by anti-life energies that will seize the opportunity of us giving up our own personal power so as to take up the reins of our destiny from us, all the while having us endure the karmic consequences of these interfered thoughts and actions - that we have chosen to perpetrate nonetheless.

Conscious Communities.

Coherence is not only necessary in our own life, so as to cultivate higher vibrational qualities, needed for harmony to pervade in our lives

Coherence must also be the very principle of any structure or organisation, otherwise they are doomed to failure and destruction.

Coherence allows for energetic conservation, and thus the sturdiness of an energetic structure, while incoherence leads to energetic leakages, and so to the fragility of an energetic structure, which may collapse at any time depending on external conditions.

Like so, the new communities of humans that will emerge more and more in this Ascension phase, will have to keep this principle of coherence in mind so as to be able to bloom in Harmony, which is essential for the stability of any structure.

Coherence within a structure or a community also implies that all individuals within said structure or community walk in the same direction and have the same profound desires.

These profound desires can not come from the ego/personality/mind but must unquestionably be initiated from the heart, which is the door to the soul.

The profound desire of unifying for the common expansion of the group, of the structure, of the community, accepting to always favour the collective's common good in its entirety, rather than our own personal interests, usually disconnected from the soul.

This is not about "sacrificing" ourselves for others. This sacrificing model is actually to be eradicated from our consciousnesses for it is no longer adapted to the positive and organic timeline towards which humanity, or at least part of humanity, is heading in this phase of ascension and liberation.

It is up to each one of us to test our own vibrational resonance with the souls whom we wish to surround ourselves with in this time of cosmic "reunions".

Union and cooperation.

Many of us have had a hard time in the first part of our missions which was all about being immersed, as any other humans, in this distorted "matrix" where most of our values are inverted.

The isolation from our peers was an extremely painful period and we can be "proud" to have survived it, i.e. honouring our being for its bravery and devotion to accomplish what it had decided to accomplish upon incarnating in such density while forgetting everything.

Today, this phase is over, and we are asked to learn to re-open our hearts that have endured so much and have had to protect themselves, so that we can welcome back the perspective of Union for a common objective.

Many soul groups, coming from various places in the cosmos, or even various Universes, are currently incarnated so as to assist the spiritual liberation process of the human race. These groups will be more and more inclined to "meet up" in the physical dimension and to recreate their union from other planes into this dimension.

This is also the mission of many Indigos and Starseeds to set up these conscious communities, aligned to the Universal Laws and in alignment with the Christos Consciousness (which is part of the Harmonic Universe Academy's mission) which means respecting the Unity principle (the awareness of the interconnected aspect of all life forms) - and most importantly, aligned to an organic timeline which is not infiltrated by the anti-life behaviours of the service to self races having infiltrated all fields of human civilisation, including a great many so-called "spiritual" structures.

In deed, in parallel to the organic Ascension is a matrix for false ascension - the inorganic ascension - unfortunately promoted by many New Age teachers and structures aiming at fooling the human race at the beginnings of its spiritual awakening, or in other words at its peak of naivety and still under the yoke of beliefs that remain unverified by experience.

Everybody's spiritual maturity will thus truly be a requirement for succeeding in these projects of our souls that are building a new future for the human race, in implementing new structures for teaching, for education, for Health and more globally for developing groups of conscious humans wishing to cooperate with a common objective and no personal interests.

The ego must be dismantled and has nothing to do with the car in which we drive, or the clothes we wear. We are perfectly "allowed" to want Beauty even in objects. The absence of a negative ego is precisely our own personal coherence and taking our responsibilities. A being could very well have "spiritual" appearance, live in poverty and speak beautiful words, but not be coherent at all nor responsible, or even inhabited by several judgmental thoughts.

We must now move on to the next step of understanding what truly is the ego and move beyond the religious and New Age beliefs on the matter, so as to free ourselves through alignment to the real spiritual laws, and not those instilled by humans or by entities believing they are gods.

New Earth.

(You may read here the full article New Earth)

These conscious communities will bloom everywhere across the Earth, at energetically strategic points, so as to anchor new frequencies aligned with those of the Earth, which are increasing and can no longer sustain anti-life behaviours at the opposite of the Universal Laws, in this end cycle time of the Ascension.

Like so, everything that is not aligned to these new frequencies based upon spiritual maturity, coherence and responsibility, will end up being dismantled as there will be no energetic substance left to feed these structures.

Our role is therefore to withdraw ourselves from all that which is "inorganic", that is artifcial and thus to experience the expansion of organic life. Be it through thoughts or through behaviours that are not going in the direction of contribution, of kindness and of respect. This does not mean we can not maintain firmness when boundaries are crossed. But the absence of personal judgement will be key in our own ascension so as not to add superimposed karma upon the collective consciousness during our time on Earth, and before going back to where we came from for those who came specifcally with a mission in this phase and will not be staying upon Earth afterwards. Those ones know deep within and know how selfless their missions are, since most of us will not even benefit from the consequences of our actions in the long run, within the human race. This is how much the advanced cosmic races of service to others are devoted to the Common Good.

May we all fervently wish to develop these qualities that are essential for the durability of these new structures meant to serve as examples for the rest of the human race that will progressively awaken. Most humans will be "lost" during their dark night of the soul and will be looking for structures that may guide them in this more or less severe dismantling of their profound beliefs. If these structures are not coherent, united and exemplary in all respects of cultivating higher moral values and forms of integrity, then what kind of hope can we give to the human race? And what victory do we grant those who wish to maintain humans impoverished and isolated, suspicious of their own bothers and sisters, and for good reasons.

From now on, let us learn to develop these qualities that will make ethics and integrity the foundations of these new structures and communities of tomorrow, in allying our forces and acknowledging our own distinctive features and abilities.

This is a learning process that must be accomplished regarding our lifestyles and ways to interact with the rest of the World, as well as how we regulate ourselves.

But what kind of expansion will we become able to accomplish like so?

An expansion never before imagined, both for ourselves as well as for the entire human race.

And yet, this is exactly what is being created throughout the World, and it is up to each one of us to find one or more communities in better resonance with our own values and which embody precisely those qualities mentioned above, as well as to begin to build healthy relationships based upon trust, cooperation and genuine mutual assistance, all the while maintaining discernment and the absence of naivety.

It is solely when a sufficient amount of humans will have shown for their ability to get along with each others, to communicate in non-violent and respectful ways and to cultivate Harmony within their collective, that the human race will be qualified for moving onto a cosmic citizenship.

Let us build this future together.

Laura Marie - Newsletter Janvier 2018 - Communautés Conscientes - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

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